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Welcome to Pickleville

Pickleville is one of those blink and you’ll miss it type of towns. On Main Street there are several little shops on both sides of the road. A few years before Jaron and Travis’ story takes place, the city officials decided to redo the sidewalks. Small trees were planted at that time. Flowers are planted at the base of the trees every spring. During the football season, banners with the football players and cheerleaders faces on them fly from light posts.

The diner is downtown, right on the center and the grocery store a few shops down from that. Down even further is the police station. Four years after Jaron moves to down his good friend Detective Andrew Martinez also moves there, taking the job of Police chief. Across the street from the police station is Hessing’s Garage, which is owned by Royce Hessing. Kyler Huffington and Luis Flynn work for him. His day isn’t boring with these two, that’s for sure. TJ’s Bar is up the street and next to a flower shop. Every Tuesday they have Karaoke night which becomes an important piece of information in book two. Kendrick Ashby owns the bar. He bought it from Royce which is his cousin. Kendrick moved into town after getting out of an abusive relationship.

At the east end of town is a small highway and recently two chain fast-food restaurants have went up. Despite the fact that these restaurants exist the town is still mostly made up of farmers and factory works. A few miles beyond this highway is Jackson’s small farm.

At the other end of town, just a few miles out is Travis Heath’s farm. The farm is central, not only in the first book, but also a couple of the other books as well. So don’t worry. We will be spending time with Travis and Jaron again.


getting back to good


Timing is everything when it comes to love, especially when it’s so far off.

Luis Flynn has been fighting depression off and on most of his life. He figures it’s genetic or a product of his childhood or something. Whatever it is, he thought he’d won the war between himself and depression, until it seems to come back again. Little by little over the course of a few months, Luis finds himself slipping further and further into that black hole. He’s also had a crush on Royce, his boss, since the day he met him, not that he would ever admit it. Luis can tell Royce finds him attractive, and they even kiss, but Royce constantly pushes him away, which doesn’t help his inner struggles. When it comes to relationships, timing is everything. With Luis and Royce, the timing might be too off.




Luis took a deep breath of fresh air. He hadn’t been outside in over a month. There was a little courtyard in that section of the hospital where the Occupational Therapist took them to do craft projects. However, Luis had never actually gone outside. That courtyard looked like a jail cell without a roof, it was so small. He already felt imprisoned in that place. So much so that he’d talked with his therapist about taking a hiking trip somewhere, wanting her opinion as to the helpfulness of that. He’d also taken to writing in his journal as if his life depended on it. Maybe it did. Luis found that putting his feelings and thoughts down on paper was the only way he actually understood the problems he had. He shared it with Dr. Lesley and she encouraged him to keep using writing to help himself. He planned to journal his experiences when he backpacked. Royce was standing by the bumper of his black truck.

Luis stopped for a second just taking him in after their very sexual conversation just seconds earlier. He nearly ran to him. It was a fast walk until he got within a couple feet of him. Luis jumped then, wrapping his arms and legs around him. Royce stumbled back a step but caught Luis around his waist. His hands seemed to hesitate for a second before they cupped Luis’ jeans-covered ass cheeks. Luis kissed Royce, not wasting any time. He tasted the inside of Royce’s mouth with his tongue, deepening the kiss, not caring that it was the middle of the day in a filled parking lot. Luis didn’t care if someone saw Royce fuck him up against the truck, which was exactly what he was aiming for.

“God, I just saw you yesterday but I missed you like crazy,” Royce said, breaking the kiss from his lips to lick down the side of his neck.

“This is your fault.” Luis said, tilting his head back to give Royce better access. It was as if the months they’d been circling around each other, working each other up, were finally too much for them, and they couldn’t keep the lustful chemistry from pouring off them right now.

“What’s my fault baby?” Royce managed to get out in between kisses although Luis wasn’t sure how he did it.

“The fact that I’m so worked up I don’t even care that we’re about to fuck in the middle of the hospital parking lot. They’ll probably put me right back into the mental ward, but at least you’d be there beside me this time.” Luis panted the words out and pivoted his hips forward, wanting friction on his dick.

“That’s not funny,” Royce chuckled out, his words completely at odds with his laughter. “We should get in your truck. It has tinted windows.”

“I’m not making love to you for the first time in my truck,” Royce said, but he still didn’t stop kissing and licking. Luis was sure he would have a bruise on his neck where Royce was working the skin.

“Can we take the edge off then? Please, Royce.”

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Living in Southwest Michigan, April resides with her husband and two kids. She has been an avid reader for several years. Writing her first story at the age of ten, the characters in her head still won’t stop telling their stories. If April isn’t reading or writing she can be found outside playing with the animals or taking a long walk in the woods.

If you wish to contact her email

Please visit her website at


I would like to give a big Thank You to April Kelly for taking the time to stop by RGR and talking a little about her book

 ‘Getting Back to Good’


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