Michaels Awakening by Jaclyn Osborn #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Michael’s Awakening’ by Jaclyn Osborn. Published by Encompass Ink on June 16th, 2015 and is 202 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I love to come across new authors and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to read it.





One moment…that’s all it takes for life as you once knew it to change irrevocably. For Michael Kingston, that moment was when he first laid eyes on Gabriel. In his life, Michael had only known darkness, leaving behind a broken shell of a man. Unspeakable memories of his childhood constantly plagued him, causing him to disconnect emotionally from the world. No one had ever shown him love; therefore, he believed that he was unworthy of it. And then everything changed.
Gabriel Greyson had always been different. Growing up in a small, Bible-thumping town, his preferences for men, makeup, and fashion made him an outcast. But, with the support and love of his family, he overcame obstacles that were thrown his way and rose above the intolerance. He danced to the beat of his own glammed-out drum and refused to believe that he was anything other than ultra-fabulous. Working as a beautician, he had a job he adored and felt that everything was perfect in his life. Everything except for true love.
When these two unlikely men meet, sparks fly. For the first time in Michael’s life, he feels like he can overcome the darkness inside him. Gabriel gives him hope and slowly brings him out of the shadows, showing him that even the darkest of souls can be redeemed. But there are secrets that Michael keeps locked away. Michael’s fear is that Gabriel will turn away from him when he discovers the truth. After all, who could ever love a beast?



Gabriel is a 21 yrs old androgynous gay man.  He is funny, sweet and has a heart of gold. Gabriel works at a beauty salon as a hairdresser and makeup artist. He doesn’t really have relationships only one night stands due to most men not being ok with the way he dresses and acts. Gabriel has accepted who he is and won’t let anyone change him. He is fabulous and he knows it.

Michael has lived a hard life, where he has never felt loved or wanted. His horrific childhood left him with scars inside and out.   He struggles to connect with people on many levels.  Therefore, Michael doesn’t have friends and tends to be alone except for the occasional hookup.

When circumstances bring the two men to the same place there is an instant pull towards one another. The sexual connection was off the chart but there is so much more to them than just sex. Michael finally starts to believe that Gabriel maybe the one man who can accept him even with the beast that lives within him. But can Michael take the chance and expose the part of himself that he has always kept hidden? Will Michael be able love every part of Gabriel and be proud of who Gabriel is?

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I absolutely adored Gabriel and all his flamboyance. Michael had been through so much and still was so strong and deep down only needed to experience love. Jaclyn Osborn has done a spectacular job writing Michael’s Awakening. The story flowed perfectly and she was able to draw you in from the beginning all the way to the end. The characters are all realistic. The scenes were vividly described. I am definitely looking forward to more from this author.

I highly recommend reading Michael’s Awakening by Jaclyn Osborn you won’t be disappointed.

10/10 Pots of Gold




Jaclyn Osborn was born and raised in the state of Arkansas. When not working her day job, her days mostly consist of writing, reading, and having epic Lord of the Rings watching marathons.

All types of genres interest her, in both reading and writing, and she hopes to delve into a few of them in her writing career.


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