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Dawn reviews Matt Converses Behind The Velvet Curtain, published 2nd March 2015 by Comet Press, and is approx 65 pages long.

Offered free copy in exchange for honest review.

Behind the Velvet Curtain

 Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly.
People probably have an idea of what being a stripper is like, and they would probably be wrong. It takes swagger to strip for a room full of men, but what’s going on in the stripper’s head might surprise you.
Matt Jaxx was just a scrawny kid from Ohio who moved to San Francisco in hopes of starting a new life. He cut his hair, started working out, his acne cleared, and suddenly he was desirable. But when he was up on stage, he held onto the same insecurities he clung to in his childhood. The stripper façade was complete, but inside, he was still the anxious kid he’d always been.
Justin was a young hunk living in the same apartment building. Matt previously would’ve thought Justin was out of his league. But Matt took a chance and approached, and to his surprise, the attraction was mutual. Over time, the off the charts sex began to turn to love, something Matt hadn’t expected.
But just when Matt seemed to have everything he desired, a stalker with a twisted obsession appeared with plans to take it all away.

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First, I want to thank Rainbow Gold Reviews for this great opportunity.  My journey to become an author went from a long one to a quick one in a very short time.  Less than six months ago, I was an unpublished writer. After two years of queries with my novel, this novella, and several short stories, my life changed on January 9, 2015.  You know the usual routine, you finally get the email response and you know it’s a rejection because you can see the first few words in the subject line, “Thank you for submitting, unfortunately…”
Instead, what I read made my heart stop, “We absolutely LOVED Behind the Velvet Curtain.”  I hurriedly clicked on the email and the next line was offering me a contract with Comet Press, which was attached.  I was over the moon.
It would be an eBook only so I figured things would move fast but it appeared my novella was being fast tracked, the next thing I know the publication date is March 2nd.  It was all happening so fast.  At the last minute, they had to come up with an alternate book cover because Amazon banned the original one.  Although a woman butt’s could be seen with just a thong on, mine had to be changed despite the shading which basically shows the same thing.  Welcome to the publishing world.
Shortly before the release, I got a great spotlight on my novella by the award winning writer Brandon Shire’s blog. He noticed my novella and asked me the wire a piece about it, and of course I jumped at the chance.  It is this kind of generosity from other established authors that I have become inspired by.
I started writing in grade school and wrote a story about a young boy who kept sleep walking to a graveyard, only to discover the tombstone had his name on it.  A bit dark for a 3rd grader, and my teacher asked if I copied it from TV or a movie.  I took that as quite the compliment.  So, I’ve always been a writer and this has been a return to my first love.  I now understand a saying I’d seen tossed around, because it’s true.  Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success.  There is nothing in the world like doing something you love.  I am very lucky.
One of my goals was to bring diversity to the publishing world. so I was thrilled to discover that my erotic gay thriller novella Behind the Velvet Curtain was Comet Press’s imprint’s Sex Files first gay title.   Next up will be having my full length horror novel published, but for now I’m enjoying the ride of this debut.  In short, it’s been like a roller coaster ride, and I don’t want to get off.
Matt Converse

I read the blurb for this book, and from that, knew I wanted to read this book.

In the story, told in the first person, we meet Matt Jaxx, who works in a boring job in a bank.  He is talked into auditioning for a job at The Hob Hill Theatre as a stripper.  He gets the job, and loves the stripping!  He keeps this side of his life private until someone he knows sees his show and tells everyone, so Matt decides to quit his “boring” job.

Around the same time, he meets a good-looking guy in his apartment block called Justin, and they hit it off and get together.  He then also starts working at another theatre, and gets fired from The Nob Hill Theatre when found out! But Matt doesn’t seem bothered with this.

While working at the new theatre, he manages to attract someone who is creepy looking, and he soon becomes a regular at Matt’s shows.  He seems to disappear and Matt is relieved, but then each day when he goes to the dressing room to change, he sees the “creepers” trademark brown paper bags. One night Matt decides to search the changing room, and find the man hiding in a locker.  He confronts him, and makes him leave telling him that he will have him banned from the theatre, and the creeper left but on leaving he promised Matt “I’ll see you again, one way or another”.  He seems ok at the time with confronting the creeper man, but then he keeps having nightmares, but it is Justin who the creeper attacks.

In time, even though he is only 29 years old, he decides that he can’t keep stripping all his life, and decides to write a book. He sends it off to various publishers, but just gets the standard thanks but no thanks letters, until one day he finds someone who wants to publish his book. His book seems to take off, and then to complete it all, he is approached about making his story into a film.

To promote his book, Matt goes on a book signing, and one day he is approached by the man he called “The Creeper”, who is angry that Matt has included him in his book. He gets Matt to sign his book, but leaves him with a threatening message.

Life goes back to normal for Matt, until one day he receives a letter from “The Creeper”, and this does freak Matt out, as it seems he knows where Matt lives.  Matt rings Justin who says he will leave work and then he goes to pack a bag so that he can stay with Justin for a while.

As he enters his bedroom, and bends to remove his suitcase from under the bed, he notices a brown paper bag…….. and Matt realises that he is not alone……. especially when he sees a gun pointing at him…..

Does Matt manage to escape from his apartment?  Does Justin manage to get to Matt before “The Creeper Man” pulls the trigger?

I am not going to say what happens, but will let you get the book and see for yourself, and perhaps I could say that what happened is not what you would expect!

I really did enjoy this book, and the events in Matt’s apartment meant that I could not put the book down until I had finished.

Pot Of Gold 9



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San Francisco’s hot new author Matt Converse makes his debut with his erotic horror novella Behind the Velvet Curtain, available now.
For an Excerpt: click on Amazon and “Look Inside”
He draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences, from Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King to Lady Gaga. He strives to bring diversity to the publishing world. 





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  1. Thanks again for the fantastic review, I want to thank you in particular for including the link to Amazon Canada. I have never had a ranking in Canada and now, I do! That can’t be a coincidence, so thank you!


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