‘Captive by the Fog’ by Laura Hardgrave #LGBT #Review

Sara reviews ‘Captive by the Fog’ by Laura Hardgrave. This book was published on October 25, 2012 by Musa Publishing and is 207 pages long.

NOTE: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Sam is caught in a life she can’t escape as the caretaker for her terminally ill homophobic father, but what she wants more than anything is to find the courage to escape and live her own life.

One fog-filled evening, Sam, her father, and a group of strangers are captured by beings from another world. Held prisoner by this mysterious race, the band struggles to hold on to the hope of freedom.

As Sam finds herself unexpectedly falling into a leadership role, she also falls for the shy smile of fellow prisoner Kisana. But as freedom continues to slip beyond the reach of their prison, the group must find the strength to carry on, maintain their humanity, and most of all—survive.

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Sam is a very complex character.  She has put her personal life on hold to care for her father.  She works at a job she hates and is not doing anything with her college degree.  Shortly before her father needed her care, she had finally come to admit to herself that she if a lesbian, though she has not had much opportunity act on that realization.  Sam sometimes comes across as weak, sometimes strong, sometimes wise, sometimes foolish.  In that respect she is pretty relate-able as everyone has moments of brilliance and idiocy.  What ‘s important is what Sam learns from reflecting on her less wise decisions.

The supporting characters also have good and not so good moments and are very believable.  I could imagine all of them walking past me on the street, or working at the corner store.  Naomi was one of my favorites; she was like the den mother of the captive group.  Naomi, Sam and David were unofficially chosen as the leaders.  David was a bit of a hothead and seemed to forget about his young daughter when making decisions.  At one point, he willfully dismisses her when an onlooker reminds him he has a child that needs him.  I guess that can be seen as the extent of his mental torment, but it is hard for me to imagine.

The evolution of the relationship between Kisana and Sam was very interesting as well.  It didn’t start until about midway through the novel, and was strictly as friends.  A nice depiction of the struggle to embrace ones sexuality when facing pressure from family, society and religion.

‘Captive by the Fog’ is classified as a science fiction novel, but very ran deep on numerous topics.  The author deals with death, struggling to find a career, cancer, questioning sexuality and more.  There’s also plenty of science fiction and alien action going on, don’t get me wrong.  I would say it is much heavier on the cerebral science fiction, not really any battles or fight scenes.  A very strong effort for a debut novel.  I hope the author continues to write more novels.

The Rating: 

8/10 pots of gold (80% recommended) -compares to 4/5 stars.




Laura HardgraveLaura Hardgrave writes science fiction and fantasy with a queer edge. Her current project is a four-part fantasy novel series involving the creation of life and magic, a GLBT host of characters, a talking rock, feline shifters, and lots of sake. She’s a bit of a self-proclaimed weirdo. By day, she’s also an MMORPG gaming journalist, avid gamer, reader, and animal lover.

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