‘Portal to Logres: The Chronicles of Logres: Volume One, Part One’ by Philip Ambrose #LGBT #Review

Sara reviews ‘Portal to Logres: The Chronicles of Logres: Volume One, Part One’ by Philip Ambrose. This book was published on April 12, 2015 by Wilde City Press and is 308 pages long.

NOTE: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Students Marcus and Toby are stranded in the parallel kingdom of Logres, a world of treachery and intrigue, sinister puppet masters pull the strings of ambitious noblemen. Who can they trust?

In the shadows, an ancient evil is rising again and the two lads seem fated to have to face it. Yet, how can they hope to defeat an enemy of such power?

As they explore their deepening love for each other and with only each other to trust, Marcus and Toby must find a path through an unfamiliar world, as the fate of the kingdom rests in their hands. Will their love draw them together or will their destiny drive them apart?

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The author is definitely a fan of J.R.R Tolkien!  Although the plot was very different, it had the same feel of an epic ongoing saga.  This novel is most certainly the first installment or what could easily be three or more novels.  There were great bad guys and villains with mysterious powers.  The protagonists are a bit of a mystery as well, and I liked getting little bits and pieces to solve it throughout the book.  There is a lot of action and adventure, sinister plots, and intrigue.

The romance between Marcus and Toby starts off based on mutual lust, and quickly escalates to much more.  The only difficulty I had was understanding how Toby could even be in lust with Marcus at the beginning, when Marcus kept acting like such a twat to Toby.  They manage to clear air between them and all goes well from there, but I certainly did not like Marcus’s character at all in the opening chapters – whereas Toby I liked from the get-go.  The two make a good couple and I liked that Marcus was Toby’s first.

The novel had a very interesting premise, and I enjoyed seeing how the author handled the alternate reality.  The author extremely detailed and outlined every part of this alternate reality.  If anything, I would say too detailed.  A map would have been very helpful.  I found the intense detail distracted from the story a bit.  There were so many names, places, races, factions, intrigues and plots going on that I could not keep track of it all in my head.  I chose not to take notes, make family trees, etc. and just did the best I could.  I think if I were a history buff, I would really have enjoyed all of the detail, but sadly not my thing.  Fortunately, the majority of the story was very enjoyable and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel.

The Rating: 

7.5/10 pots of gold (75% recommended) -compares to 4/5 stars rounded.




Whatever his chronological age, Philip Ambrose has never really grown up, still has the enthusiasms of an eleven year old and is happiest in a world of imagination and invention. He has a passion for history (real or invented) especially historical mysteries from the “princes” in the Tower; Jack the Ripper, ancient Egypt, the Wars of the Roses and military history. Perhaps that interest relates to having been brought up in an English Cathedral City where each day he was surrounded by Roman and medieval buildings. Now retired, Philip Ambrose was for almost forty years in the public service but could not possibly comment on whether that affected his writing style! Writing for publication has always been an aspiration but was not a realistic prospect until work was behind him. Today he lives surrounded by books and and loves meeting people, enjoying a good meal, conversation and reading as well as writing the sort of books he would like to read.

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