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Hi y’all. Thanks for tuning in and a big shout out to RGR for hosting me.

First of all I’m going to get a little personal business out of the way. This year should have marked my fifth year at GayRomLit. I was one of the first to make their way to GRL in New Orleans back in 2011. I’d just had my first book accepted, but I attended as a reader that year, heading into the great unknown from Western Canada. I was scared to death but I never regretted a minute of it.

Unfortunately, at exactly this time last year I was admitted to a rehab hospital because of an injury to my knee that would keep me there for eight weeks. I guess it wouldn’t have been as lengthy a stay if I hadn’t already been on crutches for three years for the other knee. It was a huge disappointment, especially since I had settled on Chicago GRL as my something to prove year. GRL 2013 in Atlanta hadn’t been my best showing because I spent a good chunk of it my hotel room because of a severe panic attack, butenough dwelling on the past.

San Diego is the first time GayRomLit has moved truly west and I’m excited about not having to fly across the entirety of Canada and the U.S. to get there. I’ll be attending with a walker this year since my knees aren’t straightened out yet which I supposed it’s better than the two years I went on crutches. Nonetheless, I’m both excited & nervous to be going.

And why am I divulging (boring!) you with all these dry, personal facts? Well, I’m glad you asked. Despite my whining and grumbling, I’ve had a pretty good year writing-wise and that brings a little balance to the personal turmoil. I guess that’s something I try to instill in my characters. They have issues, very big issues in some cases, but they must persevere to find the positiveeven if that takes a while and a special someone to do it.

As I said, I’ve had a productive year and it just keeps on trucking. It’s something I can’t wait to share with any reader “fans” at GRL. I’m never all that sure that I have fans so it’s a weird word to me. Now excuse me while I share my accomplishments for the year.


‘Always the Perfect Moment’ is my latest release from Amber Quill/Allure. It’s a friends to lovers type story, and is part of the Strip Away the Badge PAX. It’s also a novella sequel to a very popular story I published last year, Never the Perfect Moment. ATPM is not my usual angsty feelings-fests. It’s more sweet and lovely than painful and heartbreaking. I had a lot of great feedback about the original and the characters are all back: Chrys (who finally gets his own POV), Bryan, little Mickey, Laura (the fabulous ex), and Sal (Chryspops).

Always the Perfect Moment * Which is now on the All Romance best sellers list, congrats K-lee *

‘Love Between Peace & War’ is a sort of historical novella that takes place in the late 1960’s. I use two of my favorite tropes or sub-genres depending on how you look at itfriends to lovers and opposites attract. Dusty is a laid-back, beautiful-souled hippie and Philip, born into a military family, has just graduated from the Air Force Academy. You can probably see the opposites dynamic already, but add in the fact Philip’s parents aren’t pleased with his “choices” and it makes for an often heart-tugging but sweet ride of love and commitment, at least I think so. Amber is the publisher of this one, too.

Love Between Peace & War

pic‘Manny’s Heart’: Family of Misfits 3 gives my little mountain lion a turn at the wheel. He’s a favorite character with a lot of my readers and is my most innocent and sweet-natured misfit. His book was a long time in the making, mostly because it’s almost 150,000 words that in terms of print books isn’t possible with most of the presses in our genre. In the end, the story fit into one ebook but two paperbacks, and I have to say it’s one of my favorite covers from the awesome LC Chase. Unfortunately, what I said about feelings-fests does apply to this one and even I had to put the story away to get through it when I was writing it. But as I always tell people, K-lee only believes in HEA or HFN. I won’t say anything else except there are more than one Romanians involved in Manny’s Heart and it was published by MLR Press.

Manny’s Heart: Family of Misfits 3

Stone Magic, book 1  ‘Moonstone’ is a new series I’ve started with Amber Quill/Allure and I’m pretty excited about it. I’d describe it as an urban fantasy or contemporary fantasy. The story revolves around Blue, a tattoo artist inspired by one of my own ink guys, and Ky, a fighter and personal trainer. There are a host of other characters that all live with Blue in a big concrete building called The Warehouse, and eventually they will each get their own story. I had fun writing it because as with my Misfits characters, I got to make my own rules for their universe.

Moonstone: Stone Magic 1

‘Tender is the Knight’ is the first no-holds-barred historical that I’ve written. It takes place in the time of King Author and Camelot, but involves a little more fantasy than reality. Tristan and Clayne are hopelessly in love and have known each other their whole lives. I seem to have a theme of friends to lovers going lately and this novella is no different. It’s a trope I obviously enjoy writing and reading. This is a part of the Amber Quill/Allure PAX, Knight Moves.

Tender is the Knight

‘Unwanted Hearts’ is the fourth story in the Unbreak My Heart universe and though it has no release date yet (I assume early fall), I can tell you that Brett and JT are back in all their sweet glory. If you know Brett, you definitely know he’s all bark and no bite, and that is also vaguely what the novella is aboutbarks and bites.

I’ll also have a story in a PAX about getting connected sometime in the fall, and two holiday stories coming out in December. One will be in the Unbreak My Heart series from Amber Quill/Allure and the other yet to be determined from MLR Press. And in terms of GRL, I’ll be bringing paperbacks of Moonstone, Manny’s Heart (2 books), Lucius’ Bite, Ali’s Intuition, Domestic Relations, and Unbreak My Heart. I have a pre-order going on right now which will help me gauge how many books I need to bring. Shipping costs a ton from Canada and it’s no so reliable so this is something I hope readers will help me out with in this way. I’m also offering signed print books for those not going to GRL, as well. Check out my order form and if you have any questions, just let me know. Here’s the link.


Therenow that I’ve made you slog through all that, please accept my thanks by entering a giveaway for two ebooks from my backlist. Leave me a comment with your name and email and I’ll pick two winners. This is my website if you want to peruse your choices.

Thanks for joining me and if you’re going to GRL, please say hello and give me a big hug. I’ll love you forever for it. Peace.

* * * *

Bethany’s review for ‘Never The Perfect Moment’

Bethany’s review for ‘Love Between Peace & War’

Tanja & Bethany’s review for ‘Lucius’ Bite’ (Family of Misfits 1)

Tanja & Bethany’s review for ‘Ali’s Intuition’ (Family of Misfits 2)

Bethany’s review for ‘Tabby’s Pride’ (Lion’s Pride 1)

Bethany’s review for ‘Unbreak My Heart’

Bethany’s review for ‘Unbroken Hearts’  (An ‘Unbreak My Heart’ story)

Bethany’s review for ‘Unwrapped Hearts’ (An ‘Unbreak My Heart’ story)

Sam & Bethany’s ‘Moonstone’ (Stone Magic 1)

* * * *

I would like to give a big Thank You to K-lee for taking the time to stop by and talk a little about GRL and some of her new books.




20 thoughts on “GRL Featured Author: K-lee Klein #GuestPost #RGRgiveaway #GRL2015

    • Make sure you find me, Jessica. I’m an extroverted introvert so I’m good at being found but not searching. You’ll have a blast at GRL. The first time will be almost surreal. 😉


  1. I wish I could attend, it really sounds like a great time will be had by all. I hope you have a blast. I have several of your books on my TBR list. Thanks for chance in the giveaway.
    flutterfli01 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  2. Hi K-lee! Congrats on the new release. Glad your recovery is going well. Hopefully soon you won’t even need that walker. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time at GRL. I’m so excited to hear about Unwanted Hearts. Love Brett and JT. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


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