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Play it Again…Please

What is it about the cello that’s so sexy? This was one of the underlying questions I had to explore in my latest short story, A Kiss is A Kiss is A Kiss. There are other instruments that elicit a response and, let’s face it, pretty much any artistic expression that comes from someone you find cute is likely to turn you on. But there is something so beguiling about the cello. I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few symphonies and to know a number of cello players. Invariably they whisk my off my proverbial feet from the moment they begin. The sound is majestic and fierce. The deep hue of the wood delights. And the largesse of the instrument can’t fail to impress. I mean, just to be able to lug the thing around deserves respect. But to command it. To make it sing. That is something not many have in them. And those who do find fans in girls like me.

In my story, the protagonist is completely smitten when her crush offers to play the cello for her and this is something I relate to. I have been lucky enough to date a number of musically talented folks and I have to say that some of the sexiest moments of my life involved a good old-fashioned serenade. It wasn’t necessarily that they were playing to me, but simply that I was in the room with them while they did their magic. That is something I’ll never forget and I wanted to share that delight in this story.

Cello players, I dedicate this one to you.

* * * *

akissisakissisakiss_800Blurb for A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss:

On Pride morning, bookish and reserved Rachel musters the courage to talk to her barista crush, only to discover she’s not alone in her desires.

Where does an introverted bookish dyke hang out on Pride morning? Her local LGBTQ bookstore, of course. While helping to put together the store’s annual float for the parade, Rachel reveals that she has a crush on the barista at the coffee shop next door.

The bookstore gang encourages Rachel to step out of her comfort zone and talk to the barista, even though Rachel is convinced she must have a boyfriend. Much to her surprise, the girl flirts with her and even shows up at the bookstore on her coffee break, where she introduces herself as Mavis. In spite of her shyness, Rachel lays bare that she has had a crush on Mavis for some time and Mavis—to everyone’s surprise—wants to know what Rachel is doing after the parade.

Beside herself with disbelief, Rachel skips through the parade. She is so unsure of herself and the new connection with Mavis and she’s convinced that Mavis is straight. When Mavis confesses she has never been with a woman, Rachel must face her worst fear—that she was right. But it doesn’t take long for Mavis to convince Rachel that she’s up for a new experience.

Rachel doesn’t want to be an experiment and she has a hard time trusting that Mavis wants more than just a bit of fun on Pride. Can she take the leap of faith so necessary in taking their connection to the next level?

General Release Date: 18th August 2015

Like the sound of A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss? Buy it here.

Excerpt from A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss:

At exactly two, I walked in from the back, saw that Mavis was still behind the counter and waved. The line was long and she was busy but she waved back, so I went outside and sat down. Five minutes later, she came out with her apron off, Gertrude’s face all distorted across her incredible breasts. It defied my fantasies.

“I love your shirt,” I said.

“It’s my roommate’s,” Mavis said. “But, thanks.”

“I’ve read everything she’s ever written,” I said, suddenly reminded of what an unintelligible dork I turn into when I’m nervous. I sometimes say things that make me seem arrogant. It’s another one of my charming traits.

“So has my roommate,” she said. “He wrote his dissertation on her.

“No way. Who’s your roommate?”

“Tim Blake.”

I freaked out. I did mental cartwheels. He was one of the coolest guys I knew. “He was in my department.”

Then it all came flooding into full consciousness. Tim had talked about his roommate, the Australian who plays with the symphony orchestra.

“Wait a second,” I said. “Do you play cello?”

She nodded.

“In the symphony?”

She nodded again.

“Oh my God.” This was something. I could not believe that the woman of my dreams was a professional cello player. The cello is easily the sexiest instrument in the world. Imagining her playing it made me so wet, so completely turned on that I could barely contain myself. I wanted her. I loved everything about her.

“I’ll play for you, if you want.”

Hubba hubba hubba. “Yes, please.”


Romance heroines have saved my sanity numerous times through break-ups and life changes. I find escaping into a romance both soothing and revitalizing—and even better when there are some steamy scenes to tantalize the imagination.

For most of my adult life, I’ve concentrated on carving out a serious career, but a number of love-hungry, sassy characters keep taking over my mind, insisting that I daydream, live vicariously through them and tell their stories. Watching these women emerge on the page gives me a different sort of satisfaction than I get from my day job. It is a joy to share them with readers.

I live in a tiny apartment in a crowded city and I like to think there is something romantic about this. I did manage to find my soul mate here.


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