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Hi, RGR! I can’t believe it’s the last day of my tour, and you know what they say: save the best for last! ❤ I’m super excited to be here—just ask your bookers how I tracked them down to get on the schedule! ;D

For my guest post today, I’m going to be interviewing Jordy, shift manager at The Percolation Station. In my debut novelette, “Percolation, Poetry, and Passion”, Beckett, one of the main characters, works as a barista at the same coffee shop. I asked Jordy to join me and shed some light on the inner workings at The Perc.

AV: Thanks for taking the time to join me today, Jordy. So, I know that Beckett attends UC Berkley—are you a student, as well?

Jordy2J: Hey, no problem, I’m still on the clock for this. Yeah, I go to Cal, too. I’m just, uh…taking a quarter off. For a couple quarters. Taking a break.

AV: Ah, I see. I understand you’re the shift supervisor, but you, Beckett, and Regina seem more like friends.

J: Yeah, I really just took the position to get the pay raise after going full-time. Might as well, right? I don’t mind telling people how to make The Perc run, but I expect employees to already know. We’re a pretty busy location downtown, next to the campus. And yeah, we are all kinda friends. Me and Beckett, for sure. Known that dude for a long time, good guy.

AV: I’ve heard some stories: is it true you shared with Beckett that Regina told you, in confidence, that she has a crush on him?

J: [laughing] Yeah, how’d you hear that?

AV: I have my sources. Now, isn’t that a conflict of ethics or something?

J: Pffft, probably. Oh well, though. You’re trying to tell me you’ve never had a boss tell you something they shouldn’t have?

AV: Fair enough. [laughs]

AV: You said you’ve been friends with Beckett for a while now?

J: Ever since he started working here, so, what? 4 years?

AV: And you know that Beckett’s gay; did he tell you? Or, how’d that come up?

J: [smiling] Just like it should have: like no big deal—cause it’s not. I think it must’ve been pretty early on, like when he first started working here. I remember I was telling him about this horrendously awkward conversation I had with this hot chick in class, and Beckett tried to make me feel better by telling me a similar story he had with some gorgeous guy. And that was that. [pause] I’m not sure if Regina gets it yet, though[chuckling]

AV: So, where do you see Beckett in 5 years?

J: Damn, heavy hitter over here. [laughs] Alright, let me think about that. Well, he better not still be at The Perc’. And I don’t think he will be—he’s planning to go back home to New Orleans, I know that. So, I’m guessing there. And from the way I’ve seen him smiling and talking to that guy he sits with every daySimon? I’m putting my money on he’s going back with him. And I say good for them, man. Good for them.

AV: Well said, Jordy. Thanks so much for joining me today. Last question: think you got any free coffee laying around for an exceedingly charming interviewer…?

J: [laughs] Go find Beckett—he’s the one into charity. Right now, I’m hella hungry. Think it’s ‘bout time for my lunch

* * * *

Title: “Percolation, Poetry, and Passion”

Author: A.V. Sanders

Page/Word Count: 41 pages/12,000 words

Release Date: August 26, 2015

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Genre: Contemporary Gay M/M Romance, featuring a May/December Relationship


Beckett works at a coffee shop to make ends meet while attending a prestigious university. It’s not the most exciting job, but he’s done it long enough he’s good at it—and can avoid the tedium by spinning sexy little daydreams of things he doubts will ever happen.

Daydreams that soon include Simon, the hot, handsome, and older freelance writer who stops in one day. But then Simon becomes a regular, a bright spot more interesting than the inside of Beckett’s head, and daydreams start to seem like they could be something far more tangible—if reality doesn’t get in the way first.

“Percolation, Poetry, and Passion” Buy Links:

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A.V. Sanders loves and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She shares her home with her husband, two cats, and tropical aquarium fish. She is an avid hoarder of Halloween decorations and inconsequential information. When writing science fiction, mystery, and horror with LGBTQ

main characters, she can be found staying up all hours of the night listening to endless sets of EDM music. She is an advocate of love, art, animals and frivolous acts of beauty. She also has a growing suspicion that not causing harm to one another is what matters in the end.

Connect with A.V. Sanders:

// Website // Twitter // Facebook // Tumblr // Goodreads //


eBook of ‘Percolation, Poetry, and Passion’


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Blog Tour Schedule:

8 . 26 WednesdayTHE NOVEL APPROACH – Release Day Tour Stop + *Exclusive* Excerpt + Giveaway

8 . 27ThursdayHEARTS ON FIRE REVIEWS – Author Interview + Giveaway

8 . 28FridaySINFULLY SEXY BOOKS – Author Spotlight + Giveaway

8 . 29SaturdayLOVE BYTES – Guest Post: Story Playlist + Giveaway


8 . 31MondayPRISM BOOK ALLIANCE – Guest Post – On Location: Inspiration for the story + Giveaway

9 . 01TuesdayRAINBOW GOLD REVIEWS – Guest Post: Character Interview + Giveaway

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I would like to give a big Thank You to A.V. Sanders for letting us take place in this Blog Tour.

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  3. I always enjoy character interview and this was no exception. I feel it helps get a better feel for them. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read this book!

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  4. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this raffle and visited this post! Congratulations Flutterfli for winning my copy of “Percolation, Poetry, and Passion”!

    I’m glad you enjoyed sitting in for my chat with Jordy! ;D

    And thank you to Bethany and Rainbow Gold Reviews for being a such a lovely host for my tour! ❤

    xo, A.V.


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