Dear Adam by Jaclyn Osborn #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Dear Adam’ by Jaclyn Osborn. Published by Encompass Ink on September 2nd, 2015 and is 65 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author and publisher for an honest review.




I didn’t mean to cause anyone pain. I just wanted to end my own.

**WARNING: This story contains suicidal material that may be sensitive to some readers. **

Things weren’t supposed to turn out this way. My story should have been different. Happier. Maybe in another life, it would’ve been. But, life isn’t a fairy tale, and the good guys don’t always win.

I didn’t mean to cause anyone pain. I just wanted to end my own. The letter, his words—crushed me. It seemed as if there was no other way out. Nothing can change what happened, and nothing could have prepared me for what came after those two words: Dear Adam.



This is the second book by Jaclyn Osborn that I have had a pleasure of reading. When I decided that I would read Dear Adam I didn’t know what the plot was about only that it was a more emotional book. That was ok because after reading Michael’s Awakening, her first book, I was instantly a fan and would read anything she writes.

The two main characters Adam and Connor have been friends since kindergarten and they are now in high school. Connor is an outgoing jock with lots of friends. Adam is nerdy and keeps to himself. The two are total opposites but are best of friends. As they grew from little kids to teenagers their feeling for each other’s changed as well. Unfortunately with the society that we live in it isn’t easy for people to be gay and it’s even harder for teens. This was the same for Adam and Connor. As you read you will see the journey that these two spectacular boys go on to accept that they are gay and try to be proud of who they are.

Dear Adam is a beautiful heartbreaking book. The author has done a fantastic job writing their story. She is able to make you feel so much emotion and love for these two boys that you laugh with them and cry with them. The topics that are addressed in this book were not easy for me to read. I was crying bucket loads of ugly tears throughout the book. As I read this touching story, I felt that this is not just a book but is the reality that kids and adults face on a daily basis. I am thankful I had the opportunity to read such a deeply touching story.

Even though this isn’t a book for everyone, I still highly recommend reading Dear Adam by Jaclyn Osborn just grab the Kleenex first.

10/10 Pots of Gold




Jaclyn Osborn was born and raised in the state of Arkansas. When not working her day job, her days mostly consist of writing, reading, and having epic Lord of the Rings watching marathons.

All types of genres interest her, in both reading and writing, and she hopes to delve into a few of them in her writing career.


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