Owning Corey by Maris Black #LGBT #AudioReview

Dana reviews Owning Corey by Maris Black (Self-published August 10, 2013, 314 pages – Audio released July 7, 2015, 8 hrs 26 min length) Narrated by J.F. Harding

owning corey


When introverted doctor Ben Hardy’s high-maintenance girlfriend wants to introduce a little more kink into their love life, he doesn’t expect it to come in the form of the hunky new EMT who just moved to Blackwood. Ben’s not gay, but damn! He can definitely see why all the women turn to mush when he’s around: tall, blue eyes, body of an underwear model. The prospect of being naked in the same room with him is horrifying. So why the hell is he considering it?

Corey Butler desperately needs to leave his shady past behind, and the microscopic town of Blackwood is just the place to do it. No drama, no danger, no sleeping under bridges. What he doesn’t need is a huge crush on someone who’s completely out of his league. When Dr. Hardy’s gorgeous girlfriend propositions him for a threesome, he knows the smart thing would be to say no. Of course it would. But then, Corey’s never been known for making smart decisions.

(A M/M Romance containing graphic M/M & M/F/M scenes.)

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The narrator: I hadn’t heard this narrator before Owning Corey, but he was great. He had a pleasant voice and did a good job of differentiating between characters voices.

The story: This was one of the first books I read when I began reading m/m romance. It was a perfect transitioning from m/f romance to gay romance, almost like I got to do it along with Dr. Ben Hardy. I can’t say that Ben is the perfect man, he is complex though. He’s jaded about women in general, but particularly about the current lady in his life, he is not very social and a bit a arrogant, and it made me wonder why he is that way. Is it a feeling of superiority as a medical professional? Is it because of his family’s money, or more importantly how they came about the money? I can’t say for sure, but you can see him slowly change after he meets Corey.

Corey is a character who can mostly be taken at face value. As a paramedic his job is about caring for people, and he shows that in his everyday life. When Ben’s sort of girlfriend approaches him and proceeds to suggest a menage between the three of them, Corey considers the threesome. I had assumed he was straight, but later he reveals that he is gay, so he was a little duplicitous pretending to be straight just to get into an intimate situation with Ben. It didn’t effect how I thought of his character though, all’s fair in love and war.

After their threesome encounter Ben struggled with how to deal with the new desires he felt for a man, and Corey struggled with how to get Ben to acknowledge their shared chemistry without a woman in the mix. As they both try to navigate their feelings and budding relationship, secrets are revealed about both men that surprised me, and some dangerous figures threaten their relationship and even their lives. It was a very entertaining read with not too much angst and lots of sexiness.


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