Zach’s Awakening (Awakening #2) by Jaclyn Osborn #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Zach’s Awakening’ (Awakening #2) by Jaclyn Osborn. Published by Encompass Ink on November 6th, 2015 and is 213 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.


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Fear. Zack Greyson had never known the true meaning of the word until he suspected he might be gay—which wasn’t an option for the personal trainer and ex-football star. He’s tried to convince himself that his attraction to men is nothing more than just a mere curiosity, but when Jackson Parker walks into his life, that façade comes shattering down.

Jackson Parker is used to rejection because secrets never stay hidden forever. Left slightly broken and with no sense of belonging after his family’s rejection, he’s sought love in all the wrong places before. But meeting Zack, the hazel-eyed jock with killer dimples, Jackson steps out of his comfort zone and fights one last time for the happiness he knows he deserves.

Falling for a supposed straight guy was crazy, but for once, Jackson feels like his luck has changed, and he’s finally found someone who won’t throw him away. However, Zack struggles to discover who he is and who he wants to be. When his fear of coming out drives a wedge between him and Jackson, only one question remains: Which is stronger: love or fear?



When I met Zach in Michael’s Awakening I couldn’t wait to hear his story. He was a jock back in high school and the typical ladies man. Zach is now working in a gym as a physical trainer. He has hidden his sexuality for years basically ignoring his feelings because being gay isn’t an option. Zach keeps going back to all of the questions he needs answers to, but too scared to act on them to find out what they are. Like what would people think? How would his friends act? Who would want a gay guy to be their physical trainer?  Zach has been able to keep up this facade for years. That is until Jackson shows up at the gym as his new client. Seeing him brings all these unwanted feelings back full force.

Jackson had went to high school with Zach but abruptly left when his parents threw him out for being gay. He has since finished college and has his life on track. When he ends up running into Zach again his attraction to him instantly returns. As they spend time together training, they become friends which eventually leads to more.

My heart broke for Jax throughout this book. He is openly gay and proud of who he is. Where Zach is hidden so deep in the closet he may never make it out.  He is so scared that whenever they are in public he pushes Jax away for the fear of someone realizing he is actually gay. Zach’s actions end up making Jax his dirty little secret. Leaving Jax hurt, disappointed and mad.

How much will Jax take before he has had enough? Will Zach finally come to terms with his sexuality and realize all that matters is the love he feels for Jax or will he let Jax walk away for good?

Zach’s Awakening is such a great book. Seeing how much one person struggles with what other people think was sad to witness. I wanted to slap Zach so many times but at the same time I felt bad for him and wanted to give him a hug. Seeing Zach finally accept himself and choose love over everyone else was beautiful to watch. I also loved getting glimpses of Michael and Gabriel throughout the book.

Jaclyn Osborn is a fantastic writer. Her ability to get you to connect with the characters is amazing. You can’t help but feel the sorrow, happiness, love and every other emotion these characters go through. I can’t wait to see what journey she takes us on in the future.

If you haven’t read Michael’s Awakening by Jaclyn Osborn yet then I highly recommend starting with it to fully understand the characters and their background. If you have already read it then you don’t want to miss out on Zach and Jax’s amazing journey to happiness.

10/10 Pots of Gold


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Jaclyn Osborn was born and raised in the state of Arkansas. When not working her day job, her days mostly consist of writing, reading, and having epic Lord of the Rings watching marathons.

All types of genres interest her, in both reading and writing, and she hopes to delve into a few of them in her writing career.


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