The Prince’s Consort (Bred for Love #1) by Revella Hawthorne #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘The Prince’s Consort (Bred for Love #1)’ by Revella Hawthorne.  Self-Published on April 21st, 2015 and is 145 pages.

A complimentary copy was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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In a world where humans are genetically designed, altered and sold for sexual pleasure and breeding, a young prince of the powerful Cassian Dynasty decides to take a mate and sire heirs. Not wishing to saddle himself with royal and meddlesome in-laws, and a wife he would have no desire to bed, Prince Edward goes to Heritage Breeders, and finds far more than just a warm body to sate his lust and carry on his lineage.

Percy is the result of a master DNA architect designing himself his own personal sex slave and breeder. Yet when his creator and Master dies, leaving Percy alone at the mercy of the callous stable masters and the new owner of Heritage, he fears his future. Afraid he’ll be bought by a wretched old man or a deviant monster, Percy is terrified when he is dragged from his cell and presented to the most prestigious client Heritage has ever welcomed…a Cassian Royal.

Prince Edward is immediately infatuated with the shy, nervous and enchantingly beautiful Percy, and claims him for his own. Yet not everyone is pleased by a royal purchasing a breeder, especially one like Percy, and tensions rise both in Heritage and in the palace.

Torn between desire, duty, a king’s command and the innermost desires of their hearts, Edward and Percy are set on path that is anything but easy. Can Percy trust Edward with his heart as he does his body? Can Edward keep an angry king and unseen enemies away from the young slave who is steadily stealing his heart?

And what happens when Nature takes its course, and sex leads to more than just pleasure?

A 50k+ word novella, 160 pages, book one in a series. 18+ adult readers, contains sexual situations of male/male sex. Lots of sex. Collaring, master/slave.



Prince Edward is Cassian Royalty. He may be a Royal Blood Prince but he isn’t the next son in line to become King, that honor will go to one of his older brothers. Prince Edward is fine with this he has no desire to marry and have children with any female. He is gay and only wants to find a mate that is a man. The King has given his blessings for Prince Edward to go out and buy a breeder, that way Prince Edward will have children with his own Royal Blood.

This is what brings Prince Edward to Heritage Breeders. Heritage Breeders is a place where you can purchase a genetically designed altered human. Prince Edward is looking for a small sterile male breeder that has a good personality and is smart. He doesn’t want a robot that bends at will or one that will try to seduce others due to an overwhelming sex drive. He wants a breeder that can be his mate and a parent to help raise his children. When they bring out the compatible breeders Edward is immediately drawn to the shy adorable young man who seems to be frightened, not eagerly aroused like the others in the room.

When Percy was plucked from his cell to be cleaned and made presentable, he was overcome with fear. He knew what was happening he was being brought out to be on display for a potential buyer.  He was not made to be sold, he was designed for his master, Mr. Cartwright, but with his sudden death it left Percy vulnerable and for sale. Percy knows what happens to breeders. He is terrified he will be forced to breed multiple times by a cruel owner, locked away and never be able to raise his children.

Once Prince Edward gets the little breeder alone he finds that Percy is simply perfect in every way. Prince Edward decides that he must have him and purchases Percy immediately. For some reason the new owner of Heritage shows signs of displeasure but sells the breeder to him anyways.

Once back home at the Royal Castle everything is going good. Prince Edward couldn’t be happier. Percy is still timid but is realizing that his master is different and very caring. They start to develop a bond and feelings grow. Their happiness is abruptly interrupted by the King. He is angry. Leaving Prince Edward no choice but to choose between his duty to his royal family and his need to protect the one he is falling for.

This is such a great start to what looks to be an amazing series. I absolutely love the authors writing. It flows perfectly. I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn’t put it down. The scenes are vividly detailed. The characters are easy to connect with. Both Prince Edward and Percy are gorgeous and sweet.  The love they are developing for each other is amazing to watch unfold. The sex is hot. The storyline is original and I loved the fact that it is a mpreg book. The Prince’s Consort doesn’t end on a huge cliffhanger more like a to be continued that leaves you wanting more.

If you are looking for a great MM book with a unique then highly recommend reading Bred For Love The Prince’s Consort by Revella Hawthorne

pot of gold

10/10 Pots of Gold

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Revella Hawthorne is the pen name for paranormal romance writer SJ Himes. Taking the name from her fanfiction writing days and the best name for a tree ever, SJ writes as Revella when she’s feeling less than lyrical and wants to explore the rougher, rawer, and wilder side of mm fantasy and romance.

SJ, AKA Revella, is a thirty something crazy woman who just moved halfway across the country to start over, and the only things she took with her are her beloved dog Micah and her WIPs. Her specialty is in gay paranormal and mm (urban) fantasy, and whether she writes under the name SJ or Revella, she does so with the goal of writing the best story she can.

Bred For Love Series currently has three installments, the third to be released on November 10th, 2015. Expect a fourth in Spring of 2016.

Check out her Amazon page ( ) as SJ Himes for her other work.


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