Reckless (Pier 70 Book 1) by Nicole Edwards #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews  ‘Reckless’ (Pier 70 Book 1)) by Nicole Edwards. This book was Self-Published on October 27th, 2015 and is 343 pages long.

Why I read this book: Nicole Edwards is one of my favorite authors and when I saw she had a new MM Series I couldn’t wait to read it.

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He’s a walking contradiction…

Cam Strickland, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has earned the nickname his friends gave him years ago. Reckless. Sure. By definition. When it comes to fun, Cam hasn’t yet met a challenge he wouldn’t accept. In other areas, he’s likely far too cautious for his own good.

He’s his complete opposite…

Gannon Burgess, CEO of Burgess Entertainment, one of the top video game producers in the world, finds himself smack in the middle of the last place he would ever expect to be. But Gannon only thinks he is out of his element standing in the small marina office. Then… he meets Cam.

Rumor is opposites attract.

Sparks fly when this sexy, tattooed bad boy comes face to face with this buttoned-up gamer in glasses.

Can Cam and Gannon push one another out of their comfort zones? Or — thanks to the events that have shaped their lives — will the time they spend together prove to be just another reckless adventure? This one involving their hearts.

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I have been a huge fan of Nicole Edwards writing ever since I read her first series, Club Destiny.  She is also responsible for starting my MM addiction. I had never thought of reading a MM book but when I read a MM scene in one of her first books I knew I needed to read more. I have been reading the MM genre ever since. All of Nicole’s books have been either MF or MMF but two, so when I heard she was going to be writing a new series that would be strictly MM I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

When you hear the saying opposites attract that is what you get when you witness these two men together. Gavin is a nerd. He spends the majority of his life running his company developing new gaming software. He is cautious and thinks things through before taking a risk. Cam spends his time at the marina he owns with his friends. He is reckless. The bigger the thrill the more he wants to experience it.

Both of these men have experienced pain at a young age. This devastation has impacted them all their life and still does as adults. When they meet by chance the chemistry is stifling. It has them both taking risks they never thought they would. But it isn’t an easy road by any means there are obstacles that they each need to overcome if they want to make it work.

Reckless is a sweet sexy love story. It flows flawlessly. The scenes are vividly described. The characters are easy to connect with. The secondary characters add a lot to the story, also leaving you wanting to know what their story is. When Gannon and Cam get together it is scorching. But there is so much more to them than great sex. They are both amazing men. They are sweet, caring, helpful and funny. You can’t help but love with them even while you are wanting to strangle one of them. I can’t wait to find out which characters story will be next in the series.

If you haven’t ever read a book by Nicole Edwards then I highly recommend reading Reckless you won’t be disappointed.

10/10 pots of gold


Nicole lives in Central Texas with her husband, kids and her two dogs. Although she has been writing since a very young age, she has recently ventured into the full time world of writing and is loving every second of it.

She is the author of the Club Destiny and Alluring Indulgence series and working on more projects at this time.


Author Contacts:

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