`Dust in the Wind (Serve and Protect #2)`by Shelly Connors #LGBT #Review

Tanja reviews `Dust in the Wind (Serve and Protect #2)` by Shelly Connors (Published by Publish Green; September 02, 2015; 189 pages).

A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Dust In the Wind


It has been four months since Jason Wright’s husband, Jake’s, death.   Jason decides it’s time to take Jake’s ashes to their final destination, the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.  He calls on the support of his friends, twins Kolby and Kaleb Bailey, along with police detectives, R.J. and Dean, who apprehended his husband’s murderer.  

Dean finds out the layover to Miami is in Atlanta.  The city holds many loathsome memories for the detective, but thinks a couple hours at ATL won’t kill him, or will it?  Weather cancelled all of the flights in and out of Atlanta, and while there, Dean mysteriously disappears.  A frantic Kaleb calls R.J. to ask for his help finding his missing lover.  

R.J. makes it his mission to find his partner and bring him back home safely.  As events unfold, everyone is forced to work together and trust each other.  The experiences have the ability to either pull them all closer together, or tear them all apart.

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Wow, what a good follow up this book was. If you have not read the first one I strongly recommend you do this, since it will make more sense to read the series in order. Open questions from book one were partly answered in this book or further explained, to be propably explored in book three.

The beginning of this story was a little too slow for me, but after chapter two I was fully immersed in the life and the dynamics of Kaleb, Dean, Kolby and RJ and their friends. I love these characters. It was a pleasure to see that the friend- and relationships are still growing. There are also a few new characteres, which I hope we get to see in book three too, e.g. Dean´s family.

In this book it´s Dean´s past which catches up with him. He and his friends have to wait for their connecting flight in Atlanta when Dean disappears. I enjoyed that the friends stick together to find Dean, especially RJ who proves again what a brilliant cop he is. Oh and on a site note we learn RJ´s full name….his parents certainly have a weird sense of humour ;).

Dean deserves an award too, for beeing this level-headed and um yes overly cheeky in a situation where another person would just scream. He is also a great support for his fellow captive Carter. The bad guys are well, I HATED them. So job well done :).

The book is not a who did it mystery, like the first one. We know who is behind Dean´s abduction but that didn´t dampen my mood one bit.There is also a good balance between various emotions, be the good or bad. I really enjoy the writing style of this author and look forward to book three. It´s Kaleb´s and Kolby´s past, which will surface next.


9/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 9

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