No Good Deed by Kelly Clemmons #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘No Good Deed’ by Kelly Clemmons. Published by The Rooster and The Pig Publishing on August 24th, 2014 and is 295 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.


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Raised by an over-bearing and demanding father, Scott Owen leaves London and returns to Cardiff to take over the family business after his father is taken ill. He encounters a thief in his office, who is in fact his father’s executive assistant, Connor Murphy, who claims he is trying to retrieve what is rightfully his. Intrigued by his father’s hold over Connor, Scott sets out to discover the mysterious secret. He learns there is more to the young man than meets the eye.

Connor accompanies Scott on a business trip to Cornwall, near his family home. Desperate to preserve his ancestral home and right a childhood mistake, Connor offers himself in exchange for the land and accepts Scott’s terms. Together, they must work to overcome the evil figure from Connor’s past who threatens to destroy their lives.

Warning: Book contains possession of the main character that leads to abuse and dubious-consent sexual acts.



Scott has had a strained relationship with his father  for a long time. He has returned home to run the family business since his father has become ill. One evening he is called into work because some has broken into the office. The perpetrator ends up being Connor, his father’s assistant. Only Connor insists that he was only trying to retrieve what is rightfully his.

Scott senses something is off and vows to figure what exactly it is. Knowing Connor’s reputation with his father and the company he assumes the worst about him. Even though he expects the worst out of Connor that doesn’t stop him from being intrigued and attracted to the gorgeous man. Scott sets it up for Connor to be his assistant and starts spending time with him. This is how he discovers that there is more than meets the eye with Connor and he likes what he sees. The more Connor gets away from the business and his father the more he comes out of his shell.

Connor is also drawn to Scott. Connor does his hardest to fight this attraction.  What he has heard about the owner’s son doesn’t add up to what he sees when he spends time with him.

When Scott travels to Cornwell for business he takes Connor with him. Wanting to spend some quality time with him to see if he can break down more of Connor’s walls. When they arrive to the land that Scotts father insists that he look at for potential development Connor closes himself off while Scott looks around. As scott explores He feels that this land is different.  He is not sure how but something is definitely different. When Connor breaks down and offers to sell himself to Scott in exchange for the land, Scott is caught off guard but selfishly agrees. The terms that Scott set are extreme but Connor will do anything to save the magical lands.

Both Scott and Connor have been developing feelings for eachother over this short period of time and are getting along great. That is until evil threatens to destroy them both.

When the unspeakable happens to Connor, will Scott be able to forgive himself, even if it wasn’t his fault? Will Connor be able to get past the events that take place? If so can he find it in himself to trust Scott again.

No Good Deed was such a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t quite sure what this story would entail. There is mystery, suspense, romance, violence and so much more included in the plot. The author did a fantastic job describing the scenes and the characters. The writing was great. Once I started reading I had a difficult time putting it down.  I needed to know what was going to happen next. There is a few darker parts to the story but overall this is an amazing love story of two characters that have odds stacked against them. I look forward to reading more books written by the author.

I highly recommend reading No Good Deed by Kelly Clemmons.

10/10 Pots of Gold

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Kelly Clemmons is comprised of two authors. One half of the duo lives a stone’s throw from Stonehenge, and is a proud Brit. The other half (the better half as she’s been known to say) lives across the ocean in Colorado.




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