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We are super happy to welcome Erica Kudisch and her brand-new book ‘The Backup’ on Rainbow Gold Reviews. 

To celebrate today’s Release Day, check out my review of the book, the awesome giveaway and leave a comment. Good Luck!

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Hi all! Erica Kudisch here, promoting my debut novel THE BACKUP, queer urban fantasy with a side of myth and music. Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog tour! Be sure to swing by the other stops for awesome multimedia content and a $50 prize package giveaway!


I’m supposed to be better than this. I’m supposed to have a tenure-track job teaching music history to undergrads, writing papers about Bach, and proving to kids like me that you can work your way out of Harlem. I’m not supposed to be following a rock star around the country, fetching his mail, making sure his groupies are of age.

I’m definitely not supposed to be sleeping with said rock star, who claims to be the Greek God Dionysus. At first I thought it was a load of crap. Nik’s fans might think his music captures their hearts—and souls—but I knew better. Until one of Nik’s orgiastic concerts gets out of hand and I don’t know which is worse: that he might be a god after all, or that he has a body count.

Nik doesn’t care what I want or what I should be. He wants to tear down the world I’ve built, warping all I am, until his music is all that’s left of me. I can’t let him do that. I shouldn’t believe in him. I’ve seen what happens to the people who believe in him.

But I can’t get his song out of my head.

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This was the first book by this author and the first book by Riptide’s Angler Fish Press that I have read. I usually don’t read many dark stories, but the wonderful cover and mythology intrigued me. Dionysus, the god of pleasure, starting orgies and riots as modern day musician with a cult-like following. How could I resist?

This book is written in the first person and it really works for this story. Readers really get into Anthony Brook’s head and experience the story through his POV. The 376 Pages do feel very slow-burning at times, but the story draws readers in like a Siren Song until it is too late to turn back. Once I was in, I couldn’t get out. I had to know how the story would end for Anthony and if he could escape the dark end that seemed most likely for him.

I loved the tension between Anthony and Nik, between order and chaos. Anthony likes music and musicians with clear rules like Bach, Nik likes to create something new that can’t be broken down with rules, something wild and free.

Even as Anthony is drawn in more and more by Nik’s dangerous world, he tries to resist Nik and his claim to be a god and holds firmly onto the rules that have given him comfort since he was young.

This urban fantasy story is very psychological and gets very dark. At times Anthony seems to be caught in madness or depression as he uncovers more and more of the self proclaimed god’s dark secrets and hidden skeletons.

It was very unsettling to experience music drive him to the edge of madness and the dark attraction to the man he despises. There is always tension and danger lingering behind every word and at times I wanted to scream at Anthony to run and hide.

The sex is dark, dangerous and desperate and feels like in a trance. Given all the mind-fuckery, it seems like dubious consent, even if Nik seems to want and respect choices to an extend as it makes the ‘game’ more interesting to him. The sex scenes feel very sexual, but not sexy and love has nothing to do with them. Just one more power struggle between Anthony and Nik that is fought out with their bodies.

The music was a very powerful presence in this book, even though readers won’t hear a single note by reading a book. The descriptions were very detailed and felt authentic. I could feel the music and its power. How it affected people to drive them wild, mad, blissful or desolate.

For me Nik felt like a vampire, an un-human presence that is very powerful and deadly, but draws people in. It is weird, but if he was just a murderous psychopath, a human monster, using his music to harm people and create chaos (like some musicians in the black metal scene), I think I would not have handled the dark aspects of this story quite as well as I did.

I’m still not sure what to think of the ending. I had several possibilities in mind, but the ending felt very un-expected. In a way I think the ending was brilliant and I like to be surprised, but I am also still a bit confused and may need to process everything further.

If you like two very opposite men with a dangerous attraction, a very dark and tense atmosphere and don’t mind that the connection between Anthony and Nik can never grow into eternal love, this might be the book for you.

8.5/10 Pots of Gold (85% Recommended) – Compares to 4.25/5 Stars

Pot Of Gold 8half



Erica Kudisch lives, writes, sings, and often trips over things in New York City. When not in pursuit of about five different creative vocations, none of which pay her nearly enough, you can usually find her pontificating about dead gay video games, shopping for thigh-high socks, and making her beleaguered characters wait forty thousand words before they get in the sack.

In addition to publishing novellas and short stories as fantastika-focused alter-ego Kaye Chazan (What Aelister Found Here and The Ashkenazi Candidate, both available at Candlemark & Gleam) Erica is responsible for the BDSM musical Dogboy & Justine, and serves as creative director and co-founder of Treble Entendre Productions.

She also has issues with authority. And curses too fucking much.

Connect with Erica:

Facebook: Erica Kudisch

Instagram: hardhandmaiden


Twitter: @EricaKudisch



To celebrate the release of The Backup, Erica is giving away iTunes and Riptide credit totaling $50! Your first comment at each stop on this tour enters you in the drawing. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on January 30, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. Entries. Follow the tour for more opportunities to enter the giveaway. Don’t forget to leave your email or method of contact so Riptide can reach you if you win!


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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing review! I’m really glad you went outside your comfort zone and gave The Backup a chance! And thanks for letting me stop by~


  2. Thank you for the sharing your thoughts and feelings in the review. I am still looking forward to reading more about the book.

    ree.dee.2014 (at) gmail (dot) com


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