Free Books!!! (Be FAST) #Free #LGBT #Books #Spotlight


I thought it would be good to tell you guys about a few nifty tricks and cool free book promotions. Most are time sensitive and while they were free when I posted this, they may not remain so long. I have also included some that are always free and really good and should be checked out.

If you find a new book through this post and really like it, please consider leaving a review for the book, buying other books by the author or telling your friends about the book or author. ❤

I think I speak for everyone, when I say THANK YOU to all the amazing authors and publishers in this genre!!!


1.) If you want to change a buy link from the US Amazon to a buy link for the same book on the amazon website of your country, change the in the link to (for Germany) or whatever ending you use for your own country.

Example: When I see a link to a book I want like the current ‘Something Like Summer’ Freebie…         text&ie=UTF8&qid=1454285649&sr=1-1&keywords=something+like+summer

… all I have to do is change the .com to .de and I get the link for the German Amazon site:

2.) Sometimes a freebie in the US is not free on the Amazon site of your country. In that case you can check – the amazon freebies are often free there as well (sometimes ven after the amazon promo ends) and will be free internationally in all book formats (kindle, nook, etc). Remember to check the adult filter to see books with adult content when youvisit, though. 

3.) If an author gives you a free PDF in a promotion or giveaway, you can email it to your kindle email with the subject line ‘convert’. It will have some formatting error that I find easy to overlook, because it really works and is so much better than having a PDF on my kindle. *shudder*

4.) You can find all Kindle Unlimited LGBT books HERE and the Top 100 free LGBT Books list HERE (though it takes a bit for books to be removed after they are no longer free, it is very useful) and you can find my M/M Romance & LGBT Giveaways Facebook Group HERE. I can also highly recommend signing up for the BookBub newsletter, that sends you info on cool LGBT freebies and sales every day HERE and you can check out another list of cool freebies and links when you head over to Clare London’s blog HERE 🙂

5.) Some eBook freebies are also available as audiobooks and some of those are whispersynched. Should both be the case, you can buy the audio version very cheaply, just because you ‘bought’ the eBook on amazon for free. There are some whispersynched kindled unlimited books as well.


The Student Prince by FayJay: Text, MP3 or M4B

Secrets in the AIr (Secrets Series 1) by Liz Borino (Free eBook, 214 Pages)

Something Like Summer (Seasons 1) by Jay Bell (Free eBook, 292 pgs, Whispersynched Audio)

With Wings (The Dark Angels 1) by Z. Allora (Free eBook, 278 pgs)

Equals (Equals 1) by Brigham Vaughn (Free eBook, 139 pgs)

The Wallbanger (CockTails Book 1) by Renee George (Free eBook, 33 Pages)

Wynn’s Charm Shop Collection by AC Bishop (Free eBook 143 pgs)

More Than Friends Collection by Aria Grace (Free eBook, 302 pgs)

When It’s Right (Mile High 1) by Aria Grace (Free eBook, 212 pgs)

Escaping in Oz (Accepting Love 1) by Aria Grace (Free eBook, 110 pgs)

Class Mate by Yamila Abraham (Free eBook)

Growl (The Pierce Brothers 1) by C.A. Taylor (Free eBook, 252 pgs)

Transformation (The Merman) by X. Aratare (Free eBook, 122 pgs)

Marketing Beef: A Gay Romance by Rick Bettencourt (Free eBook, 115 pgs)

Drago Starr by J. Johanis (Free eBook, 65 pgs)

Claimed by the Order (S-Gods 1) by J. Johanis (Free eBook, 222 pgs)

Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City 1) by Tricia Owens (Free eBook, 242 pgs)

Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin 1) by Jordan L Hawk (Free eBook, 226 pgs, Whispersynched Audio)

Hunter of Demons (SPECTR 1) by Jordan L Hawk (Free eBook, 127 pgs)

Restless Spirits (Spirits 1) by Jordan L. Hawk (Free eBook, 204 pgs)

Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper (Free eBook, 193 pgs)

Nor Iron Bars A Cage by Kaje Harper (Free eBook, 320 pgs)

Lies and Consequences by Kaje Harper (Free eBook, 171 pgs)

The Family We’re Born With (Finding Family 1) by Kaje Harper (Free eBook, 69 pgs)

The Foxhole Court (All For the Game 1) by Nora Sakavic (Free eBook, 230 pgs)

fawn by Nash Summers (Free eBook, 78 pgs)

Sixty Five Hours by N.R. Walker (Free eBook, 174 pgs)

Learning to Feel by N.R. Walker (Free eBook, 218 pgs)

Five Dates by Amy Jo Cousins (Free eBook, 91 pgs)

The Lonely Drop by Vanessa North (Free Book, 93 pgs)

The Raven’s Flight by Catherine Lievens (Free eBook, 146 pgs)

Alex’s Surprise (Unexpected 1) by Chris McHart (Free eBook, 100 pgs)

ON FEBRUARY 5TH, 2016: Changing Focus (Ashe Sentinel Connections 1) by DJ Jamison (free ebook, 57 pgs)


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