‘Lucky In Loveland’ by K-lee Klein #LGBT #Review #Excerpt

Bethany Reviews ‘Lucky in Loveland’ by K-lee Klein.  Self-published on February 13th 2016.  120 pgs

Why I read this book:  K-lee is an auto buy for me and I know if I read one of her books I will not be disappointed.

We were provided this book in exchange for an honest opinion.


picBook 1 of the Welcome to Loveland series

Loveland, Colorado is a special place all year around, a community of creativity and art, with scenic views and majestic mountains. But the town really shines once a year, on Valentine’s Day.

Lucky Roberts has lived in Loveland his whole life. He has good friends, strong family support, and is all about keeping his community fun and alive. The only thing Lucky has been “unlucky” with is love. But rather than avoiding February fourteenth in his hometown, he throws himself into helping others deliver their messages of love.

Enter Jack Canon. Jack moved to Loveland for a fresh start, in both his personal and professional lives. After a tough year, he’s finally hoping to just blend in, maybe carve a little niche for himself that his parents would have been proud of. What he didn’t expect was a pseudo-lumberjack with a killer body and shy smile to turn his world upside down – and he sure didn’t expect to like it so much.

When Lucky meets Jack, he feels like a thirteen year-old with his first crush. He’s clumsy, stammering, and the first greeting out of his mouth is a less than articulate, “Wow!” Words like adorable and manbun suddenly become part of his vocabulary as he discovers a deep, hidden need to romance the hell out of Jack.

And what better way to do that than during the most romantic season in the City of Love?


Ok so it is no secret that I am a huge K-lee Klein fan, it doesn’t matter if the book is paranormal, contemporary, short or long.  I love them all.  She has a way of making you fall in love with her characters, and this book is no different, well maybe a little different.  This one is special to me because I got to help name one of the mcs last name.

Lucky Roberts (my vote) is the hometown boy that hasn’t been so lucky (hehe) in the love department.  I fell in love with Lucky from the moment he walked into Jacks classroom.  How he reacted to the kids and how he talked to them and answered their questions warmed my heart and had me hooked right away.  I couldn’t get enough of his gentle strength, and ‘ah sucks, thank you ma’am’ attitude.

Now Jack Canon, seriously how cool is that name, is trying to make a new start for himself.  Things from his past leads him to Loveland were he comes face to face with Lucky, and he is liking what he sees.  I adored his sarcastic nature and how easily he can crack a joke.  You think, wow Jack has things going for him, but then you find out his life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  His pain made my heart ache for him.

Now, Lucky and Jack together was just magical.

“It’s a nice spot.” Jack seemed appreciative.

“Thanks for sharing it. You’re not a bad date.”

“I’d be better if I kissed you again.”

“You’re a little delusional. You weren’t the one who kissed me the first time.”

“Won’t get any argument out of me if you do it again.” Lucky thought Jack’s coffee was better than his; at least it tasted way better on his tongue. And there was tongue. Not R-rated tongue but enough to share flavors, to curl Lucky’s toes and make him grip Jack’s hand harder. Jack stroked woolly fingers over his cheek before breaking the kiss this time.

“I didn’t know hockey players kissed so well.”

“Or kindergarten teachers.” It wasn’t more than twenty seconds before they simultaneously burst into laughter like they were actually twelve and not real adults. Lucky leaned back against the cold wooden surface, kicking his feet out in front of him as Jack did the same.

“So how old are you?” he asked.

“How old are you?” Jack immediately countered. There was musical quality to his voice, a rolling baritone if Lucky remembered his music lessons from back in the day. It was as inviting as Jack’s body was warm against Lucky’s side, even through all the layers.

“I’ll take a guess if you do.” Lucky twisted on the narrow bench. He felt a little unstable. A single moment’s loss of concentration could easily see his butt making contact with the ground, not exactly the perfect end to a good evening. He tilted his head and narrowed his gaze as he pretended to size Jack up. Yeah, like he hadn’t already done that twice, three times, a gazillion times over. He stroked the V of his beard and pursed his lips dramatically.

“Well, it’s obvious you still have a good head of hair. There might be a few wrinkles around the eyes—”

“Excuse me?”

“—But nothing substantial unless you’ve already gone the Botox route.” Jack snickered.

“Well, I am from California.”

“That’s true,” Lucky continued as if he was seriously considering it.

“All right, I’m going to take a stab at it. Um…forty-two?”


“I think you look great for your age.” Lucky swiped his index finger across the sweep of Jack’s cheekbone. “Wait. Sorry, I was totally off base. I forgot those little wrinkles around your eyes when you smile. Forty-three? Did I nail it? I nailed it, right?”

“I’m gonna nail you.” Lucky was positive Jack glowed bright red for a handful of heartbeats. “Shit. I didn’t mean it that way,” he said then paused, the stricken look of hesitation passing as quickly as the blush in his face. In a matter of seconds, he was over top of Lucky, one boot firmly planted on the gazebo’s floor while the other knee slid between Lucky’s thighs, pressing suggestively against his crotch. “Unless you want it that way.”

“Does this mean you’re not forty-three?” Lucky quipped while his brain tried to catch up with his aroused body.

“Thirty-one, but close enough.” To say that Jack kissed him then would be like saying the N.H.L. was a pond hockey league, but Lucky had never backed down from a challenge. He managed to flick one of his gloves off while Jack cupped his face gently, then with more intent. It was a eureka moment when he shoved Jack’s hood down and finally sunk bare fingers into the softness of his hair. And it was soft, just like he’d been imagining. Jack shuddered when Lucky pulled him closer, one hand still petting over his head and the other tightening around his waist. The position was uncomfortable and awkward and freaking amazing. Jack kissed like he’d taken some scientific how-to course on the exact pressure and amount of tongue needed to keep someone on the edge for a very long time. And Lucky was nothing if not willing to be his test subject in the name of science.

“Evenin’, Lucky. Who’s your friend?” Jack yanked himself away so hard he fell to one knee on the floor. Lucky tried not to laugh, he really truly did, but the shock and fluster that shadowed Jack’s face was too perfect. He reached down to offer a helping hand while trying to give part of his attention to their new guest.

“Hey, Mrs. Dawson. I thought you’d already walked Moose.” The Corgi replied by lifting his leg against one side of the slide.

“He’s been having some bladder issues,” she stage-whispered. “But he doesn’t like to talk about it. Is that the new kindergarten teacher with you?” …Jack would say later that he’d never been cockblocked by a Corgi before….

I mean seriously how can you not fall head over heels for these two.  Their chemistry is undeniable, and the sweetness they show one another will leave you in a sugar coma.  This book may not be for all though, if you are looking for a book that is heavy on the sex well sorry this isn’t it.  This is the beginning of a series were we just get the beginning of their relationship.  But after you read it you will understand why, and let me tell you it made me smile so hard.

I am glad to call K-lee one of my go-to authors, and seeing how this is her first self-published book I can safely says that she will continue to be an auto buy.  This book is a fantastic start to a wonderful series and it is one that I highly recommend, especially if you are looking for a bit of romance this Valentines day.


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