DISCUSSION THREAD: New-To-Me Author Theme Week #LGBT

Hi everyone,

Rainbow Gold Reviews turns TWO at the end of March and we have decided to make some changes.

We want to go back to the basics and strongly limit the amount of blog tours we participate in, so that we can focus on the many wonderful review requests we get every day. One of the things that sets us apart from many other blogs is that while we work together with all the big and small LGBTQ+ publishers out there, the vast majority of review requests come directly from authors, who took the time to write to us personally.

We really want to honor that and we love our growing review list and to discover wonderful books we can share with you.

All of our reviewers are able to freely choose any book from our review list they want to review and to make things more interesting, we have decided to implement theme weeks. Our reviewers pick a book that fits with the theme and we post a review by different reviewers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Weekends, we will have even more reviews for you, whether within the theme or not and we will feature Interviews, Guestposts and Blog Tours.

Today kicks off the New-To-Me Author week. We have all chosen a book by an author we haven’t read before.

This week’s picks:

MONDAY: MtSnow | Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman

TUESDAY: Marc | Cake by Jove Belle

WEDNESDAY: Dana | Remain by Alex Jones

THURSDAY: Bethany | Frat House Troopers by Xavier Mayne

FRIDAY: Sam | It’s Not Easy by Nic Starr

SUNDAY: Eloreen | What’s in a Name by Pat Henshaw

These theme weeks will make sure that things stay interesting for us and you and that we don’t always stay in our comfort zone and only read books by our favorite authors. We’d love to CHALLENGE you each week to choose a book that fits our theme and comment in this pinned thread which book you choose and how you like it. Please also let us know if you like the books we have selected or will even read one of them. We hope this will be as much fun for you guys as it will be for us.


3 thoughts on “DISCUSSION THREAD: New-To-Me Author Theme Week #LGBT

  1. I ALWAYS challenge myself with new-to-me authors each year, from different genres. Heck, I even have a separate shelf on my Goodreads account to keep track. Some of new-to-me authors ended up as my current favorite authors so I think it’s great to challenge yourself on that, and not always stick to your known authors. Good luck on the theme challenge 🙂


    • I absolutely agree. For me, Heidi Cullinan and Edmond Manning have been recent new-to-me authors that I now count among my personal favorites. It is a wonderful feeling to discover new authors, stories and styles and if we can enourage readers to find new authors and books in this genre to discovery that would be a fantastic gift for us. What were some of your recent new-to-you author discoveries?


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