Remain by Alex Jones #LGBT #Review

Dana reviews Remain (Knights of Amaranth Book 1) by Alex Jones (Published Skald and Raven Books, March 8, 2014, 290 pages)

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


This week we are reviewing books by authors we haven’t read yet. I chose Remain by Alex Jones because it has been in my wishlist for a long time and I’m so glad I read it. 


Blurb: Jace is an artist whose personal life took a back seat two years ago after he parted ways with an alcoholic ex-boyfriend. He has settled comfortably into his new life alone. He works mornings at the local coffee shop and evenings at an art gallery. His life is quiet, but that’s alright with Jace.

Until he meets Morgan. The man is intense, passionate and earnest to a fault. Jace falls head over heels, but it quickly becomes clear that Morgan is more than he seems. As Jace finds himself thrown into a world of monstrous creatures and arcane beings, he’s confronted with Morgan’s real nature – a knight of the fey, sworn in service to a Seelie Queen. It’s a world Morgan never meant him to know.

Jace’s arrival in the fey realm turns the heads of many. When the price of their tryst becomes a fight for their lives, Jace and Morgan face questions of love, loyalty and what humanity truly means. Each must decide where he stands before fate makes the decision for them.

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In an ever growing genre, it’s easy for authors and books to get mired down in your to-be-read list. That’s what happened to me with Remain. I was excited to pick it with our new weekly theme. It ended up being a big surprise to me; a good one. I knew it was a fantasy adventure type story and I haven’t read many of those inside the m/m genre. Remain kept me on the edge of my seat, and I had the hardest time putting my e-reader down when real life came calling.

Jace is a normal man working in a coffee shop and an artist on the side. When he meets Morgan at an art gallery, it’s obvious to him there is a strong connection with the other man. Morgan, a fey knight who crossed into our world to apprehend an unseelie, isn’t supposed to have contact with humans, but can’t resist talking to Jace. Of course, talking leads to more and Jace unwittingly follows Morgan into another world when he tries to leave.

The real story occurs in Amaranth, a parallel world filled with fey, trolls, imps, and wierwolves. Magic exists in Amaranth and humans are not exactly welcome there. There is a reason for that, but it seems that the queen would like to keep her subjects and warriors in the dark. With Jace’s existence in both worlds hanging in the balance, Morgan, a fellow warrior named Hector, and a cursed young boy fight to save Jace and possibly all of Amaranth. There is plenty of action and suspense. I had no idea how it would play out, but I couldn’t stop reading at certain scenes even when I should have been doing other things. Like eating or sleeping.

I’ve read the blurbs for the other books in the series and it looks like they feature different couples as main characters in each one, and I have to believe that story that started in Amaranth of a wicked queen and a cursed boy will continue to play out. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series as well. If you like a bit of fantasy and action in your stories, this series is definitely for you. I highly recommend it.

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

Pot Of Gold 9


Alex is a compulsive writer, avid reader and geek of many stripes. She grew up on fantasy adventure and never could shake the bug. Now Alex divides time between epic fantasy and adventure romance, where dark heroes and heroic villains wait around every corner.

Someday Alex plans to own a forge and armory. Until then, she’ll spend her days in the company of knights, heroes, villains and monsters, all of which have taken up permanent residence in her head.

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