‘Pieces of Jack’ by BJ Sheppard #LGBT #REVIEW #PickForMe

MtSnow reviews ‘Pieces of Jack’ by BJ Sheppard, 305 pages, self-published to Smashwords April 27, 2015.

Why MtSnow reviewed this book: This week is reviewer ‘Pick For Me’ author week, and Samjo picked this gem for me. The blurb sounded dark and the mystery sounded like something I could get into, so I jumped in with both feet. And I’m glad I got the opportunity. I will be looking for more from this author.

Note: a copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review.

imageBLURB: …the price of silence just went up.

14 years ago, five friends were bound together in a pact of silence, burying their involvement in the murder of a classmate hell-bent on exposing their darkest secrets. Now, fighting for justice on the Grimm City PD, Detective Meyer Stanton finds himself thrown back into the past, the secrets he vowed to keep, coming back to haunt him. Working below the law, Meyer, his childhood sweetheart, Evan, and an old flame become the targets of a psychotic serial killer, wearing the face of a long-dead enemy. With the help of his partner and ex-lover, Detective Corin West, can Meyer rip the mask off the dark murderer following his every step – before the five estranged childhood friends all fall prey to his murderous rampage – or is Grimm City about to fall under the bloodshed of its deadliest criminal?

Follow the detective down the rabbit hole as he relives the past, fumbles through the present and tries to survive to see the future. From the writer of Wilde City Press’s ‘Always Have, Always Will’ and the comedy series ‘The Rainbow Connection’, BJ Sheppard is back with a thriller so cold it’s sure to give you chills. 


What did I think. Hmm. Dark. Gritty. A little haphazard. A bit bloody. This book is a challenging one to review. It was given to me for new-to-me author week by Sam, and I sat up reading it at bedtime 2 nights in a row. It grabbed me. That’s a good way to describe what it did to me. It pulled me into the darkness, the past, the present day and the possibility of a future, if there were anyone left alive, that is.

Honestly, lately I’ve been falling asleep before getting far into a book, but this one had me staying up late past midnight and tempted to call in sick to work. It was that engrossing. I seriously wanted to figure out who did it and what their motivation was.

I was 70% through the story, and I still didn’t know who the MC would end up with. And just when I thought I had an inkling who the murderer was, well something changed, a new piece of information was exposed, or another character was introduced, and I found myself constantly analyzing who could have done it, and why. And the blood. There was definitely quite a bit of blood and clues and samples, and my detective cap was definitely challenged on this story.

This was actually a deliciously horrific story, with many twists and turns. Despite there being quite a few proofreading and typographical errors ( I wish there were more editorial resources for self-published authors) I found myself engrossed in the originality and many layers to this story of 5 childhood friends who all share a dangerous, bloody secret.

I could see this author’s influences quite well in his writing, and would especially recommend it to any Eric Arvin, Rick Reed or Ethan Stone horror fans. No sunshine and flowers in this one. Quite dark.

The conclusion was surprising, and the epilogue will keep you wondering, (is there going to be a sequel?) but overall, I enjoyed this story and believe this is an author to watch. It did a very good job of pulling me out of a reading funk, and it is refreshing to have someone write a story that got my thinking cap on full force.

Highly recommend to those that like their MM Romance a bit on the dark side, with a bit of blood and gore thrown in for good measure.

9 of 10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 9







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B.j. Shepperd
I’m new to this game, so bear with me while I struggle my way blindly through, with only the help of half a road map and a crystal ball that’s more paper-weight than portent. This series of short stories is a nice respite from the Shakespearean melodramas I usually produce, and I hope they give you half the laughs they gave me when I wrote them. More of the series will be available soon, so drop by and check them out when they find their way our of my brain and onto a page.

Born in Dartmouth, The United Kingdom
Website: https://bjsheppardauthor.weebly.com
Twitter: @bj_sheppard
Genre: Fiction, Gay And Lesbian, Ebooks
Influences: John Goode, Eric Arvin, Eli Easton, Huston Piner, Rick R Reed, R Cooper, TJ Klune



One thought on “‘Pieces of Jack’ by BJ Sheppard #LGBT #REVIEW #PickForMe

  1. I’m actually trying to read more horror/mystery type books – I’ve never tried them, really, and want to see if I’ll like them. I’m all for blood and plot twists. I’ll have to give this one a try!


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