Light Years Away by Christine Wright #LGBT #Review #SciFi

Wendy reviews ‘Light Years Away’ (Mated to the Captain 1) by Christine Wright. This book was published by the author on December 22nd, 2015 and is 170 pages long. 

This is my first review for Rainbow Gold Reviews and I chose this book, because it’s the first published work of this author and it’s amazing. You would never know that Christine Wright wasn’t a seasoned writer.



Maybe it was fate.

To get off of the space station Del desperately needed a job on board a spaceship. He wasn’t looking for love and he certainly wasn’t wanting the attention of a grumpy alien Captain who disciplined wayward crewmembers or threw them out of airlocks. Del never expected to be the Captain’s new mate.

In this gay sci-fi follow the misadventures of a young human on board a Xolian space cruiser where being the Captain’s mate just might prove to be more difficult than being his First Officer.

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In her debut novel ‘Light Years Away’, Christine Wright creates a fantastic and unique world.

She introduces readers to interesting alien life forms, some sexy, others creepy and bug-like, yet all are still driven in her world to dominate (usually sexually) their submissive subjects.

When Del Foster, a human from New Earth, wakes up after passing out from a night of drinking, he gets the surprise of his life. He thought he had accepted a position on a starship, but instead finds out that he is mated to the Captain.

This book is very well written. It’s fast paced and the surprises keep coming as Del tries again and again to escape his fate. Although the more he learns about his mate, the sexy Captain Quinn, the less he wants to escape his fate. Del begins exploring what being a mate to the Captain means. While it isn’t insta love for Del, he certainly feels (and fights) attraction to the sexy Captain Quinn from the very beginning.
Once he finally lets himself explore his attraction, the sex is off the charts hot!

Captain Quinn is a very feared and respected member of his species. He shows his new mate a remarkable amount of patience while trying to keep him out of trouble (Del finds himself in trouble anyways). Quinn still shows him who the master is, while disciplining him in between meeting icky alien species, who want to have their wicked way with Del and teaching him how to life his new life. He is more than ready to settle down and start his family, but I think that the depth of his feelings for Del took him by surprise.

On top of everything else, Del discovers he can become pregnant!

There are wonderful characters that you will meet in this book, some are Del’s ship mates and they might just have a story or two of their own to tell. Oh, and there might be a strange doctor, who loves large needles and archaic equipment!

While the book is categorized as BDSM,I would say that it was fairly light BDSM. Perfect for the book, but nothing too heavy. There will be plenty of room for Del to learn his place in this series.

Christine Wright captured me completely and kept me captivated throughout the entire book. I can’t wait to see how Del and Quinn fare in her next book.

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

Pot Of Gold 9



Christine Wright hails from Old Earth from the state of Alaska. For twenty years she traveled the planet looking for adventure and work opportunities. With two grown daughters and a quiet house she decided to apply her wild imagination and love of stories to write a few of her own. She adores funny, lovable characters and writing about them getting in over their heads. If you enjoyed this story please feed the author with reviews (but not after midnight).

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