‘Three-Way Weekend’ by Theophilia St. Claire #LGBT #Review #Short

Bethany reviews ‘Three-Way Weekend’ by Theophilia St. Claire.  Published by Fireborn Publishing September 23, 2015, 54 pgs.

Why I read this book: As I set up the spotlight for this book I read the blurb and was intrigued.  I love menages and the length was perfect for our 2-4-1 week.

We were provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.




Lovers Jeremy Taylor and Ethan Mercer are looking for something different on Friday night–a complete stranger to take home for a steamy menage. Well, Ethan’s looking. Jeremy isn’t too fond of the idea. He only agrees because it’s what Ethan wants and Jeremy loves to please his lover.

When they spot Javier Cervantes, a sexy stranger from Spain, even Jeremy finds him irresistible. But Jeremy will have to put aside his feelings of jealousy and insecurity long enough to have a good time and he’s not sure he can.




I love menage books, I find them hot, somewhat taboo and sometimes downright dirty.  In the good way.  So when I saw this I knew I wanted to read it and it worked out well for our 2-4-1 week since this is only 54 pages.  It is one that I could read in one sitting while waiting for clothes in the washing machine to finish.

Though the blurb was intriguing I was somewhat worried that Jeremy was not completely on board with the whole “let’s pick up a third for a threesome”.  These are usually the ones that I avoid because for that MC it feels like cheating and I DO NOT like cheating in my books.  And even though Jeremy was not 100% on board he went with it because it is his lover, Ethan’s, fantasy and he will give Ethan anything he wants.  This is were I had issues, if it were me and my partner was uncomfortable with the idea of a threesome then I would drop the issue.  It would have stayed a fantasy because if both parties are not 100% sure then it ends up leading to disaster.

But Ethan gets his way and they bring home Javier, which even though this wasn’t Jeremy’s idea he does find Javier, well for lack of a better word, HOT.  Jeremy still has his reservations but as the weekend progresses he ends up falling a bit for Javier just like Javier falls for him, which leads to really hot sex.  While the events leading up to the ending feels like we will be getting more from these three men, there is no indication that the author will be writing more.

Which is why this book didn’t really work for me.  I need a HEA or at least a HFN with a promise of a HEA and I just didn’t get either from this one.  While for some it will be the perfect short menage and they will be perfectly happy with how the end went down, for me I can’t say the same.  It left  me with an incomplete feeling and that is why I can only give this one a 6.5 rating.  Had it been the start of a series it would have rated higher but as a standalone it just didn’t work for me.

Pot Of Gold 6half

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I’m Theophilia St. Claire, bibliophile and writer! When I’m neither reading or writing, I’m just your average Southern sweetheart who enjoys watching anime, TV shows, and spending time with family. I love cats, yaoi, and travel–in no specific order! I read in multiple genres, mostly paranormal and erotic romance, but what I like to write is plot-filled erotica with interesting characters and lots of steamy gay sex! The darker the story, the better.


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