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Eloreen reviews Hidden Identity (Jimmy McSwain Files, Book 1) by Adam Carpenter. (Published by MLR Press, May 29, 2014, 209 pages. Released on audio by Linden Corners Press, April 11, 2016, 5 hrs 47 min, narrated by Joel Leslie) A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read: I just recently started listening to books in audio and Marc suggested this for Audiobook week. I like a good mystery and gay protagonist. This book was very interesting. Read on to see my reaction.


hidden identity

Blurb: When Jimmy McSwain is hired to find missing heir Harris Rothschild, he finds that identities can be altered and lives can be changed–or taken with the simple pull of the trigger.

Jimmy McSwain is a New York City private detective, operating out of Hell’s Kitchen, the rough and tumble neighborhood he grew up in. At age fourteen, he watched as his NYPD father was gunned down. Now, at age twenty-eight, gay, Jimmy has never given up pursuit of whoever killed him. But a PI must make a living, and so he’s taken on the case of missing heir Harris Rothschild, whose overbearing father doesn’t approve of his “alternate” lifestyle.Tracking down Harris is easier than expected, but the carnage that follows isn’t. With a shocking murder on his hands, and a threat coming from some unforeseen person, Jimmy’s caseload is suddenly full, and very dangerous.

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The narration: I really enjoyed Joel’s narration. I listen at 1.3x standard speed and the faster reading went well. I could hear Jimmy thinking since this is in first person narration. I like how the different characters came to life. There were a few secondary characters that were similar but it didn’t detract from listening.

The story: Now, if you are looking for a romance, this isn’t for you. If you love a good mystery, then you need to listen to it. If you are not an audio fan, listen to it anyway. You do need to read it at least. It is a true detective series with shades of J.D. Robb’s In Death series and The Cat Who… Series by Lillian Jackson Braun. The overarching unsolved case file is the murder of Jimmy’s father. While investigating a missing person’s case of Harris Rothschild, Jimmy finds more than he bargained for. Threats and murder abound and a simple missing person turns into something more dangerous for Jimmy. The missing person and the murder are solved before the end and you see insights to Jimmy’s hunt for his father’s killer. It’s not a happy for now nor is it a happy ever after. I would say it’s life and there is not an ending yet. I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger, since the missing person case is solved. While Jimmy has romantic interests, his own demons prevent relationship longevity. It makes you want to read (or listen to) the next books to find out more, and see if he could have a relationship with someone. I certainly will read or listen the rest of the series. 🙂

With this, I give Hidden Identity an overall rating of 10/10 pots of gold, a performance rating of 10/10 pots of gold, and a story rating of 10/10 pots of gold. This is comparable to 5/5 stars.


10/10 Pots of Goldpot-of-gold-10special


ADAM CARPENTER is the #1 best-selling author of many titles, including the Jimmy McSwain Files, a detective series that includes HIDDEN IDENTITY, CRIME WAVE, and STAGE FRIGHT. They will be followed by GUARDIAN ANGEL and FOREVER HAUNT, which will bring a resolution to the ongoing storylines introduced in the first book.

Adam’s sexy, soapy trilogy begins with EDEN’S PAST, followed by EDEN’S PRESENT and EDEN’S FUTURE.

His “White Pine” firefighter novels include SECRET FLAMES, HEAT OF THE MOMENT, A RAGING FIRE, and BURNING TRUTH.

His “European Flings” series begins with the short story PASSPORT TO A FLING, followed by the newly titled, full-length novels FRENCH MEN, ITALIAN GUYS, ENGLISH LADS, and AMERICAN HUNKS.

His “Wonderland” trilogy, co-written with Curtis C. Comer and Jeff Wilcox, are, in order: DESPERATE HUSBANDS, DESPERATE LOVERS, and DESPERATE ENEMIES..

Among his other novels are DUDE RANCH, the White Pine-spin-off THAT PASSIONATE SEASON, SUMMER’S CHOICE and its spin-off, ISLAND DESIRES.

His novellas are A YEARLY TRYST and YOU OWN ME, and his short fiction has been collected in NOCTURNAL DELIGHTS. He also edited the anthology HOW THE WEST WAS DONE, which includes his pre-Wonderland story, THE CACTUS LEAGUE SOCIETY. His short story, “In a City of Eight Million People” was selected for WE LOVE NEW YORK, an anthology that celebrates New York and in which proceeds benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Visit him at http://www.adamcarpenterbooks.com for more information.

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  1. I’ve literally just finished reading this – went out and got the next 2 books straight away!
    I love a good detective – or in this case PI – story, thought it was great!

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