A Gay Romance by Gina A. Rogers and Kyle Adams #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘A Gay Romance’ by Gina A. Rogers and Kyle Adams. Self Published  on April 17, 2014 and is 218 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.

Why I Read This:  This weeks theme is multiple authors.  After reading the synopsis I picked ‘A Gay Romance’. It sounded funny with a storyline I would most likely enjoy.


A Gay Romance


Where can a sexy alpha cop and the hottest man on the planet solve a murder, save a fabulous plant, fall in love, and discover an endless supply of lube? Homosapia, of course, where absolutely anything gay is possible.

All American Ram Rage is a dedicated officer of the law. He hates crooked cops, communicates in growls, and loves his applesauce.But when the town heartthrob calls in a stiffie—pun intended—Ram is drawn into the web of a sadistic killer who is every gay man’s nightmare: a vagina. The investigation leads him on a wild chase involving a sassy retired stripper, a strange little town, and, of course, crazy hot acrobatic stunts of an intense sexual nature with the gorgeous man at the center of it all.

To meet Kory Pleyes is to instantly fall in love. Literally. However, Kory has never returned those feelings until the moment sexy alpha cop Ram Rage comes barging, lights and sirens, into his life. Kory’s friends keep popping up dead, but it’s NBD and provides Kory with the excuse he needs to cling to the one man who doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a slow poke—this pun also intended. When the killer threatens the man he loves, will Kory be able to protect him with nothing but his average wits and incredible charm? Duh! It’s Homosapia, where anything gay is possible!



A Gay Romance by Gina A. Rogers and Kyle Adams is unlike anything I have read before. The storyline is not believable, which isn’t a bad thing. However, when you add in the amount of crazy humor and absurd sexual innuendos that’s included throughout the entire book it was more than I could handle.  I wasn’t able to connect with the characters as much as I like to.  That being said, the authors are very creative.  The story was easy to follow and the scenes are very detailed.  I even found myself shaking my head and laughing on several occasions.

Ram is an Alpha cop. He is huge and has a rough attitude. He works for the Homosapia police force, where every cop is gay. The actual town is primarily gay as well. When Ram meets Kory for the first time their chemistry is skyrocketing. Only, Kory is the primary suspect of a murder investigation, putting a stop to any fun they could have together.

Kory works at Sew What, a store his best friend owns. He is young and beautiful. Everyone seems to fall at his feet, which is kind of annoying it happens so often. Kory prefers a more dominant type of man, so he politely rejects all these men. When Ram shows up at the murder scene, Kory is instantly intrigued. Ram has the whole Bad Cop vibe going on and Kory is determined to break through his tough exterior.

When Ram finally realizes that Kory is not the suspect but a victim, he lets his alpha emerge and it is full on Kory is mine mode. The sex scenes were some of the most detailed and longest I have read. These two men definitely emit an electrified spark when together.

As kooky as this entire book was, I really liked Ram’s partner, Blake. I wanted to see him happy. He’s like a huge teddy bear and has crazy sweet banter.

Overall, this isn’t a book I would usually pick, but it was insanely entertaining. If you like lots of sexual innuendos, tons of crazy humor and a storyline with lots of imagination you will most likely enjoy A Gay Romance by Gina A. Rogers and Kyle Adams.

6.5/10 Gold Pots


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Kyle Adams started out dabbling with writing gay romance stories for fun. He writes what makes him laugh and hopes anyone who reads his work laughs with him. Kyle had three books nominated in the 2013 Goodreads.com M/M Romance Group readers choice awards and two books nominated in 2012 for the same event. His free story, Dirty Cop won Best Short Story in 2013.

Kyle has a hard time picking a favorite anything (color, book, music, quote, etc.), so trying to write a decent bio was quite the challenge. He is a very quiet person and is used to keeping things to himself. If there is anything you want to know, just ask.

Kyle loves hearing from readers. Always feel free to contact him or add on any of the following:

E-mail: 2kyleadams@gmail.com

Website: htpp://kyleadams2.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/KyleAdams

Twitter: http://twitter.com/kyle_adams2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2kyleadams


Gina A. Rogers is an amazon living in South Central Pennsylvania where she grew up and will never be allowed to forget she once sported a mullet. She has mild OCD issues with regards to symmetry and reading order and is obsessed with the letter V. She loves nerds and men who wield swords (pun intended), especially while wearing skirts of the tartan or even leather variety. Although she loves reading dark and tragic stories, the ones that play out in her head and find their way to paper are fun, snarky and always end happily ever after!

You can find Gina A. Rogers on Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show… or contact her via e-mail at garwriter@gmail.com.



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