Collateral Damage by J.T. Cheyanne #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Collateral Damage’ by J.T. Cheyanne. Published by Laz & Lachi Publications on May 31st, 2016 and is 269 pages long.

A complimentary copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I have read a couple of other books written by J.T. Cheyanne and loved them.  When the opportunity to review Collateral Damage came, I jumped at the chance.



Fleeing the questions and horrific memories in Miami-Dade, Trevor Garrett accepts a deputy position in the small town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Plagued by anxiety attacks and an abhorrence to being touched, Trevor rebuffs his best friend’s attempts to set him up. He has no desire for any type of relationship; until the local golden boy strolls into his line of sight at the neighborhood dive…

Logan Andrews just wants to take care of his mama. After years of serving his country in the Army Special Forces, Logan resigns when he learns his mother is suffering from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A night out with old friends turns heated when the newest deputy in town catches his attention…

When a sexually deviant killer sets his sights on the gay men in the area, Trevor is assigned the case. In a wicked twist, all evidence points to Logan. Can Trevor’s past be repeating itself? In a race against a killer, Trevor struggles to overcome his own insecurities and clear the man whose touch sets him on fire. Will he succeed or will their budding relationship become Collateral Damage?



I have had the opportunity to read a couple books by the author and have truly enjoyed them.  Collateral Damage is full of suspense, angst, betrayal and love.  The storyline keeps you engrossed till the very end. The scenes are written in vivid detail.  Making readers not only connect with the characters, but visually able to picture it all as the story unfolds.

I absolutely loved both Logan and Trevor.  These men both are sweet, respectable, gorgeous, and would do anything for you.  I found myself in tears on more than one occasion for what these men have had to endure.  However they are fighters.  It is their strength, determination and love that makes this story amazing.

Logan and Trevor had instant chemistry and when they come together it is hot.  The scenes are described in explicit detail.  While they are extremely steamy, they are also sweet and loving. You can see how much they care for one another, even when they aren’t ready to admit it.

The secondary characters, I also loved and cried over a few times.  They didn’t all have a big part in the book, but the impact they had on the storyline was vast.  Logan’s mama was such a special woman.  The love and support she shows for her son is beyond amazing.

You know the saying saving the best for last, that is exactly what J.T. Cheyanne did when writing Collateral Damage.  The epilogue was amazing.  I won’t give away any spoilers, but it brought tears of a different kind to my eyes.  I really hope that the author will revisit these characters in the future because I am far from ready to say goodbye.

If you love a fantastic MM story that is full of suspense, angst and love then you will love Collateral Damage by J.T. Cheyanne.

10/10 Pots of Gold


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About J.T. Cheyanne

After a lifetime of reading and at the suggestion of friends, J.T. Cheyanne finally put fingers to keys and started writing my own stories. It’s been a wildly amazing ride full of tears, exhilaration and plain old hard work. Thankfully, my three beautiful children support my craziness and encourage me to continue something I love. While we both have solo work, Venus and I thrive on the work we do together. What a small world it is indeed Mr. Disney when a small town girl from Alabama can find and write with a big city girl from England. What a ride it has been and continues to be!


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  1. Thank you for the awesome review on such short notice. Your support is so very much appreciated. I’m super excited to be back visiting friends at Rainbow Gold Reviews!


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