‘The Nephilim’s Promise’ by W.S. Long #LGBT #Review

Bethany reviews ‘The Nephilim’s Promise’ by W.S. Long.  Published by JMS Books on April 12th, 2015. 98 pgs

Why I read this book: When this book did not work for a fellow reviewer, I read the blurb and thought it sounded interesting so I decided to try it.

We were provided a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



Eli is immortal. Almost immortal, anyway. His father is an archangel he never knew, while his mother was a human. When another angel asks him to save a human male in Ancient Egypt, his life is forever changed. 

When Micha comes into his life, Eli is no longer alone, but Micha’s untimely death leads Eli to search for his eternal love through reincarnations of Micha over the centuries. Based on a medium’s tip, Eli finds Joshua Milbanks, eighteen years old and homeless, kicked out of foster home because he is gay.

When Eli saves Joshua from a bullet, Joshua doesn’t know what to think, but he cannot deny he is drawn to Eli. Is Joshua Micha reincarnated? Or will Eli continue to be lonely without his eternal love?




Sometimes we read a blurb to a book and we can’t wait to start it, and then we finish it and LOVE it.  And sometimes the blurb doesn’t quite grab us like others do but we end up reading and LOVING it.  But sometimes we read a blurb and think “wow, this could be a really awesome book” only to realize that it really doesn’t work for you.  Well that happened with one of our reviewers here at RGR.

One of our reviewers thought the blurb sounded good but ended up not really feeling it, and from the very beginning we have said if you can’t honestly review a book and give it at least a 6 then please pass it on to someone else.  Well that happened with this one, our reviewer just couldn’t connect with it and after I read the blurb I wanted to give it a try.  Well I am glad I did because while she didn’t get into it, I devoured it in one sitting.

So now for my review of the book, I’m afraid it won’t be long, only because I don’t want to give too much away.  I loved it, from the beginning till the very last word.  Because man I did NOT see that coming.  Eli is ALMOST immortal, with his dad  being an angel and his mom a human, well he doesn’t really belong to either world.  When asked to accompany Micah he falls in love, but it doesn’t last.  Then Eli meets Joshua and you think “ok here is where the story begins”, right?  Well not so fast.

We are taken back in time, and see Eli and Micah fall in love, and see Eli lose Micah.  Then flash-forward to present day when Eli saves Joshua.  I loved this, sometimes flash-backs leave me confused and have a hard time keeping track of what I should know about then and what I need to know about the now.  Not this one.  This one felt like I was getting two stories for the price of one.

And just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM the end throws you a curveball.  AND I LOVED IT.  I won’t call this your typical romance, cause its not.  And I won’t call it a HEA, but more along the lines of HFN.  I would love to see more of these characters, and hope a second book will be written.  But what I will say is, if you want something a tad outside the norms, this is one I recommend.  Even if there is no book 2 in the works I was left with a feeling of contentment.  It just clicked for me and was the perfect length.

Which is why I recommend this book if you want something short with a twist.


Where to buy: JMS Books ~ Amazon


Immigrant, military-brat, gay veteran, and former theme park employee, among other things, W.S. Long upon leaving the military became a lawyer. During the day, he practices law but at night he reads and writes male-male romance under this pen name. Once in a while W.S. Long travels or dreams about traveling with his wonderful husband, a mild-mannered college professor.

Follow him on twitter, tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com/blog/wslong) or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wslongauthor). You can find W.S. Long on Goodreads too.

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