Bootleg Diva: Confessions of a Quarterback Princess by Levi Brody (A Southern Scrimmage Biography Book 4) by Mercy Celeste #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Bootleg Diva: Confessions of a Quarterback Princess by Levi Brody (A Southern Scrimmage Biography Book 4)’ by Mercy Celeste.  This book was Self-Published on June 5th, 2016 and is 332 pages long.

A complimentary copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I absolutely love the Southern Scrimmage Series and Levi Brody is my favorite character. So, when the opportunity to review came up I jumped at the chance.


All heroes need an origins story.

From trailer park to the Super Dome.
Everybody’s All-American quarterback by day.
Infamous exotic dancer by night.

Levi Brody is one of the undisputed greats of the game. With two Super Bowl rings, one MVP, three Pro-Bowl appearances, three National Championships, three SEC Championships and four State High School championships Levi has indeed left his mark on the sport, but it’s all a load of crap.

This is my origin story and like all good origin stories, this one lies somewhere-

Between the helmet and the tiara.
The story of the rise and fall of the first fictional gay quarterback in the NFL.

Author’s Note: I introduced Levi Brody in the second Southern Scrimmage book Sidelined and continued his story through his brother’s eyes in Offside Chance. While this book is officially the fourth book in the Southern Scrimmage Series it does not continue the story. Bootleg Diva is a biographical look at Levi’s life through to the end of Offside Chance.

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Bootleg Diva is the fourth book in the Southern Scrimmage Series. This is Levi Brody’s biography. You don’t want to miss out on it.  However if you haven’t read the first 3 books, then I highly recommend doing so first to avoid any spoilers and fully understand the characters and the background of the series.

While reading the Southern Scrimmage series, Levi/Livy quickly became my favorite.  When I realized Mercy Celeste was going to write Bootleg Diva, I was extremely excited. I craved more of Levi/Livy.  What I didn’t realize was that my heart was going to be repeatedly ripped to shreds.  I wanted to just grab him somehow, hug him and tell him how wonderful he truly is.

Levi was dealt a crap life from the very beginning.  He did what was best for the people he cared about, instead of going for what would have been easier for himself.  Not only did this make me love him even more, but I deeply respect him.

The secondary characters play a big part in Bootleg Diva. Each and everyone of them felt realistic.  I was able to connect with them all even if I didn’t want to. Some of them I have high opinion of, some I loathe.  Many of them I fell in love with and more than a few I cried for.

Mercy Celeste writing once again is flawless.  She can tear your heart to pieces but have you so enthralled in the story you can’t stop. I also love the cover.  It not only draws you in it is gorgeous and perfect for Levi’s book.

While reading Bootleg Diva, some of the scenes from the previous books make even more sense now. It also made me love Tracy even more than I had before. However, the biggest bombshell for me was the ending. It is unexpectedly shocking. Leaving me impatiently waiting for Blindsided. I need to know now what is going happen.

Overall, I both hated and loved Bootleg Diva.  I loved getting to know Levi/Livy on a more personal level, but I hated everything he had to endure from a innocent child to an adult.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Southern Scrimmage series please do so. It is amazing.  If you have read the series, then you don’t want to miss out on Levi/Livy’s story.  Just have a few boxes of tissues available.

10/10 pots of gold


Erotic romance author Mercy Celeste grew up in rural Florida, she now lives in Alabama, near the Gulf Coast. She began writing in her mid-twenties in an effort to stay sane, too bad it didn’t help. She has four kids, two cats, and is owned by a Dachshund named Dawg.

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