Noah by Cara Dee #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘Noah’ by Cara Dee. This book was Self-Published on April 26th, 2016 and is 259 pages long.

Why I read this book: The synopsis sounded great and the possibility of it being taboo was a bonus.


Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere?

In 48 hours, I lost everything. I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man. The next day a plane crash ripped my family away from me, shattering me in the process. In many ways, I died that day, too. The fun-loving man who’d lived in the fast lane and loved his career in the film industry was gone. Left was a forty-year-old shell that dwelled at the bottom of a bottle.

Only one person knew what I was going through. My sister’s stepson, who hadn’t been on the plane. Julian knew what it was like to lose everyone he loved, too. He’d stopped showing up at reunions when he was a teenager, so I didn’t know him very well. But I told him at the memorial service he could come out and visit me in LA whenever. One day he did, and I guessed it was as good a day as any to start picking up the pieces and see what was left of us.

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This is the first book of Cara Dee’s I have had the opportunity to read.  As soon as I read the synopsis I was hooked.  I enjoy reading books that have an unconventional type of relationship.

Right from the start the author was able to catch my attention and keep it the entire length of the book.  The writing was great.  I was able to vividly see the characters and what they were doing. This made connecting with the them easy.

Part of this story is emotional for what these men endure. This tragedy is a big part of the storyline and how it all began.  However, it isn’t the main focus. Noah is a very social, fun and games type a person but when his life is turned upside down unexpectedly, he took a nosedive and becomes the opposite.  He is drowning in sorrow and has no desire to fix it. That is until Julian, Noah’s nephew by marriage only, comes to stay with him. I love that both of these men are able to lean on each other to deal with their pain.

Not only is Julian trying to come to terms with what happened, he also has another issue he is trying to get a handle on. Julian is gay but isn’t out. He is also conflicted because he is attracted to Noah and believes it is wrong to feel this way. Noah may not be related by blood, but he is still his uncle and many years older.

After spending so much time with Julian, Noah begins developing feelings for Julian. It is hard to watch these two men struggle knowing they each want the other, but feel it is wrong.

Over time they go from family, to friends, to lovers, to more.  I love how strong and confident Julian becomes the longer he spends time with Noah.  In turn, Julian gives Noah the strength to move on and experience what true love feels like.

When Noah and Julian finally let go, their desire to have each other is overwhelming.  The sex scenes are stifling hot, but they are also sweet and beautiful. It was more than just meaningless sex; they are in love.

The majority of secondary characters are great. However, there is a couple of characters I would like to slap.  That said, they all have a big part of the storyline. I love how the small circle of close friends Noah has, accept Julian and their relationship. They support them and love them no matter how anyone else reacts.

I can’t wait to experience more books written by Cara Dee.

If you love a great M/M love story, that has a little angst, little drama, a lot of sweetness and a little taboo, then you will love Noah by Cara Dee.

Also as a bonus on the author’s website there is an extra prologue and epilogue in Julian’s point of view.

Read the extra prologue HERE and the extra epilogue HERE.


10/10 pots of gold


There aren’t many things better than picking up my Kindle and getting completely sucked into a whole new world–where words morph into images and characters’ moods suddenly reflect my own. Aside from good plot and writing, for me, it boils down to relatable characters.

As a writer, I’m not finished until the men and women in my books come to life, until I can see them as real people, until I can connect with them. Which means I write what I want to read: everyday heroes and heroines who have the same struggles we all do. They evolve, have flaws, make mistakes and amends, learn, and find the endings they fight for.

Those are the characters who take the readers on a journey away from work, laundry, grocery shopping, and to-do lists.


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2 thoughts on “Noah by Cara Dee #LGBT #Review

  1. I loved this book too! You summarized it just right with this “…a great M/M love story, that has a little angst, little drama, a lot of sweetness and a little taboo…”


  2. This sounds so sweet! I really want to read it now. I like a little taboo in my books, but this isn’t too bad 😉 It’s crazy about the tragedy! So many people lost… Definitely gonna get a hold of this book.


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