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Eloreen reviews ‘Unheard Destruction’ (The Destruction Trilogy 1) by Zach Sweets.  Published by Less Than Three Press on May 14, 2014, 170 pgs.

Why I read this book: I was looking for a Sci Fi book for different publishers week and was intrigued about deaf main characters, not one but two. Unfortunately, I was out of town to post it then. Since Zach is a “new to me” author, I thought this would be a perfect time to review it.

This book was provided to RGR in exchange for an honest review.


Rusty and Hal step out of their house to a world destroyed. Before they can make sense of what has happened, they are abducted—by aliens.

Help arrives in the unexpected form of Assim, an alien who can speak directly to Rusty’s mind, but getting them out of one mess is only the first step in resolving a much greater one—and it is a problem that only humans can solve, leaving Rusty and Hal no choice but to learn fast and fight hard if they ever want to see home again.



I’m not a big fan of post apocalypse stories but I do read them on occasion. I have to be in the right mood. I was definitely intrigued about walking out of your bunker basement room to find your house destroyed and most everything around along with it. I enjoy reading stories involving disabilities, and was moved that both main characters are deaf. That’s a little unusual.

Rusty is the one that is paranoid about having the ability to survive if the world goes straight to hell. And he is right. We find Hal and Rusty celebrating Valentine’s day in a lightly, kinky sort of way and what happens when the walk out of the ‘bomb’ shelter Rusty had mostly completed not long before the events take place. The sex they have right out of the gate is hot, and then the adventure begins leading to being off planet in an alien ship. I love their relationship and how committed to each other they are. While they are deaf, it’s mostly secondary to the story of them surviving everything as they know it changing drastically. It’s a part of them that they acknowledge but doesn’t hinder them from surviving with the hope to return to Earth.

There were some places I had to go back and reread a couple of times to understand what was going on. The aliens who find them and the ship the find themselves on are different from themselves enough that they flounder somewhat until they can get their feet under them and use the help they have found. It’s not exactly a happy ever after story. I’m not sure I would call it a happy for now. However, knowing that there are more stories in this trilogy makes be happy that maybe they will get their happy ending.

With this, I give ‘Unheard Destruction’ 9 out of 10 pot of gold. This is equivalent to 4.5/5 stars.

Where to buy: Less Than Three Press | Amazon | Goodreads


Zach, an army brat, was born in El Paso, TX, and has lived in North Carolina, Germany, Kansas, California, and the District of Columbia, before graduating from University of Baltimore in May 2010, with a degree in Applied Information Technology. He now resides in Arizona, where he moved to start a new adventure with his partner and dog.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys reading, mainly horror. He enjoys doing outdoor activities, and he runs on a daily basis. He participates in charitable running events, from 5k up to marathon distances.

Zach writes as often as he can and likes to push himself with writing challenges. Joining the M/M Romance group on Goodreads.com has immensely boosted his motivation to become a successful Deaf author, writing about man to man love, with some horror thrown in for good measure.

When he is not writing or reading, Zach likes to practice his web design and development skills. He loves to hang out with love of his life as often as he can, finding things to do inside and outside the house, whether it be yard work, hiking, bike riding, walking their dog, eating out at a cozy diner, or just loving.

You can find Zach at his website, share books with Zach on Goodreads, follow Zach on Twitter, or friend Zach on Facebook.

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