Mirage by Tia Fielding #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews Mirage by Tia Fielding. Published by Dreamspinner Press on March 16th, 2014 and is 200 pages long.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.




When forty-six-year-old washed-up country musician Jasper “Red” Blue looks at the past, all he sees is a series of failures. His one treasured success is six years battling alcoholism without the help of AA. To secure his children’s future, Jasper desperately wants to produce a new album, but he can’t write alone. And he won’t work with just anyone.

Jasper’s record company manages to secure the writer of one of the biggest country music songs in recent history to help write the album. Cade Wallace is a long-haired former soul surfer, devastatingly handsome, talented, and willing to take a chance on the rugged musician. Jasper, on the other hand, is deep in the closet.

With Jasper’s career hanging in the balance, he can’t promise Cade anything, and Cade eventually heads back to his full-time job as a truck driver, taking Jasper’s hopes of a relationship with him. If Jasper’s dream of a life together is ever to come true, he will have to take some big risks, putting both his career and his children’s security on the line..



I have to say I struggled getting into the story at the beginning. I felt like I was just reading the dialogue, not living it through the character’s eyes. The ability to experience the story through the character’s eyes is the reason I am able to connect and fall in love with them and the journey they go on. That being said, about a third of the way through it all changed. I was finally able to connect with not only the main characters but the others as well.

I really enjoyed that this was about older men not young adults. Jasper is an amazing man and father.  He was able to pick himself up after hitting rock bottom and return to the man he was prior to the addiction. He is strong but is still missing a piece of himself.  That is until Cade, the song writer hired to help him shows up.

I adore Cade.  He is fun and sweet.  Cade is also truck driver, who travels all over.  He doesn’t have a place of his own, but has several close friends in different towns that he stays with when he passes through.  It isn’t until he meets Jasper that he realizes he wants more.  He wants a home.  Unfortunately, Jasper is in the closet and the country music industry isn’t real accepting when it comes to homosexuality.

The chemistry these two have is stifling.  Cade brings out a part of Jasper that has been missing for a long time.  Not only are the sex scenes hot they are loving.

As for secondary characters they were all great.  Jasper’s family is amazing.  I adore his kids and how they accept him and Cade.  Cade’s friends were wonderful.  They were so supportive and more of a family than just friends.  Now Cade’s best friend, Jet was intriguing.  I would love to see how his story pans out.

I also want to bring up the music that is written throughout the book.  When an author mentions songs in the dialogue I can’t help but stop reading to listen to the lyrics.  When I listened these not only did they bring a powerful emotion out of me but they made me see how deeply the character is feeling.  This is alway an added bonus when reading.

All in all, this is a sweet love story that starts a little slow but once it takes off you don’t want to put it down.  I am looking forward to reading more books written by Tia Fielding in the future.

8/10 Pots of Gold

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Tia Fielding is a 30-year-old Scandinavian. She is a self-proclaimed “queer girl”, lover of everything pretty, witty people, words, cats, sarcasm, autumn, and caffeine.

She uses her nights with her head in the clouds and her feet on the coffee table, right next to her laptop. Her days? She uses those by sleeping way too much.

Tia started writing stories early on, almost as soon as she learned how to write. The early stories about horses and ghosts have changed into romantic tales about people in love. She stopped writing at some point in her late teens and early twenties, but began again a few years ago, after finding fan fiction. Tia is not ashamed of her past of borrowing other people’s characters, but has found creating her own much more satisfying.


Website: http://www.tiafielding.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tiafielding

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiafielding/

Tumblr: http://tiafieldingwrites.tumblr.com/




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