Sweet Southern Hustle (Hotlanta Nights series book 1) by Johnathan North #LGBT #Review #PickForMeWeek #Novella #Romance

Wendy reviews Sweet Southern Hustle (Hotlanta Nights series book 1) by Jonathan North. Published February 16,2015. 38 pages.
This book was picked for me by one of my fellow Rainbow Gold Reviewers, Sam Jo, for Pick-For-Me Week. I know that we have the same taste in books so I was excited to see what she chose for me. I wasn’t disappointed.
Sweet Southern Nights by Johnathan North coverMark is a man on a mission. He has decided to finally explore his feelings and is on the road to accepting himself as a gay man. He heads out on an erotic adventure to Atlanta in hopes of finally meeting a man and having his first experience with gay sex, but wonders if his fear of the unknown will outweigh his need for intimacy.
Danny is a down on his luck construction worker, trying his best to live from day to day and doing any menial job he can find just to keep himself afloat – even selling his body to make ends meet. He joins his buddies from work for a drink and a game of pool, and finds what he thinks is just an opportunity to make some cash.

Destiny led these men to the same place at the same time for a reason, neither of them looking for more than a one-night stand. But what happens when a casual encounter suddenly becomes much more than either imagined possible? Can they let go of the demons of their past and take a chance that could change both their lives forever?Review

Mark was married for three years, but is now divorced now. Knowing he is and always has been gay, Mark decides to spend a weekend exploring his sexuality now that he is free to do so. Mark is one of those characters that you only want the best for. He has a sweet, shy disposition, yet he is determined to make the most of his weekend. He meets Danny at a bar and they are both attracted to each other. They play the ‘Is he or isn’t he’ game as they try to figure out if they are playing on the same team. That was a very sweet and hot scene. Once they know they are both interested in each other, they arrange to have a night together… for an exchange of money.
Danny has been living hand to mouth and is desperately in need of some cash. He’s been doing construction and other odd jobs to try to make ends meet. Once he sees Mark in the bar, he is instantly attracted and thinks he may be able to hustle a night with the good looking man.
Once they get to the hotel for their night, they both start to feel something more than just sex. Both men are surprised at the emotional connection they feel for each other, especially so soon after meeting. They soon realize that what they are experiencing is so much more than just a casual hook-up, but will they find a way to make it work?
Without giving away the whole story, I can tell you that these men get their HFN with my hopes for that to turn into HEA.
This was a delightful short story. The characters are well written and have bunches of chemistry together. The sex was more emotional than what I was expecting and that just made the story that much more likable for me.
I’m glad that Sam Jo picked this one for me. Thank you Sam Jo, I couldn’t be happier with your choice for me.

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Pot Of Gold 9

9/10 Pots of Gold. Compares to 4.5 out of 5 stars.



Johnathan North is an author of gay romance, erotica, fantasy and science fiction stories and novels. “Sweet Southern Hustle” is his debut novella. Johnathan is a proud gay man and Georgia native, and he has lived in the Atlanta area for over 25 years. His series “Hotlanta Nights” tells the stories of gay Southern men and their struggles, victories and romances.



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