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Bethany reviews ‘Silent Woods’ by Ofelia Gränd.  Published by Beaten Track Publishing on February 21, 2015, 56 pgs.

Why I read this book:  This was pick for me week and I was in the mood suspense and something I normally wouldnt have picked for my self, well Wendy did a good job picking for me.

We were provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review.



Do you believe in myths and ancient creatures?
Daniel has never felt the need to leave the city behind, so when his husband suggests a camping trip for their holiday he agrees with reluctance. Even before they step out of the car, Daniel has the feeling of something being wrong. Something about the forest is turning his stomach into knots.

He wants nothing more than returning to the safety of their home, and when their five-year-old son goes missing his fears turn into full-blown panic. What awaits them in the depths of the forest is far more sinister than anything Daniel ever could have imagined. Will they be able to find their son before it’s too late?



As if Anders could see the frenzy churning in my brain, he sighed and petted my cheek. “Nothing is going to happen, Daniel. How do you think people survived before?”

“I don’t know,” I growled.

“It isn’t any more dangerous to be outside now than it was when we were kids. And we didn’t have cell phones, or overprotective parents. We couldn’t ring anyone from the middle of the forest. I think it’s cheating, by the way.” He nodded toward my phone. “Not much of a back-to-nature experience with that thing in your pocket.”

“I don’t want a back-to-the-nature experience. I want safety.”

He kissed me then, and mumbled, “I know you do, and we’re gonna be safe, I promise.”

I glanced out the car window and wished I could believe him. A thick wall of trees stretched out in front of us. I frowned as I looked at them. They were completely still; nothing moved as far as I could see, not a single leaf swayed. My stomach clenched. I knew nothing about forests, but something felt wrong with this one.


After finishing this book my only thought was WTF.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting when I started it after reading the blurb.   I have kids so I know what panic feels like in regards to something happening to them.  I read this in about an hour and let me tell you, from the moment I opened it I knew I wouldn’t be putting it down till I finished.

I need to start off by saying this is not the traditional romance, it doesn’t revolve around two men falling in love.  The couple is established with two kids.  You know sometimes you just need those short stories that gets right into the thick of things and this one sure did that.  Daniel a self proclaimed city boy is not thrilled with the idea of “roughing it”.  His husband loves the outdoors.

Oh man, when their son goes missing my heart dropped and I couldn’t read fast enough, I HAD to know what happened.  This book is suspenseful, fast paced, terrifying and chilling all wrapped into wonderfully written book.  This is one that when it ends you are left feeling just as scared as you do at the beginning and middle.  I wont lie to you, when I got to the epilogue and read the final sentence I had chills.

This book is a really good read when you want something different, a “things that go bump in the night” kind of book.  I can guarantee that you will not be able to put it down once you start and it will stick with you long after you finish.  Which is why I can give this a solid 9.

Pot Of Gold 9

 Where to buy: Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ Smashwords ~ Beaten Track Publishing


Ofelia Gränd is Swedish through and through. She lives in a small west coast town with her husband and their three children. She has absolutely no time to write, so, naturally, that’s what she wants to do. Have you ever tried to write something with one child in your lap and two more standing around wanting attention? Ofelia does all the time—try, that is.

She could give up her glamorous life as a stay-at-home mum, and go back to her work as a teacher. But why not take advantage of the situation when she’s living in a parental leave utopia? Enough about her being a parent, you think, and you’re quite right. Ofelia is a no-poo follower, a pescatarian who bakes her own bread and makes her own soap—now, you wished that we’d stuck to the children, don’t you?

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