Speechless (Pier 70 Book 3) by Nicole Edwards #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews ‘speechless’ (Pier 70 Book 3) by Nicole Edwards. This book was Self-Published on June 7th, 2016 and is 381 pages long.

Why I read this book: Nicole Edwards is one of my favorite authors and I love this series so it was an automatic buy for me.


He’s suffering in silence…
Teague Carter, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has spent his life feeling rejected. To the point that he has never allowed himself to get close to anyone. He prefers it that way, in fact. But he refuses to believe that his destructive behavior might be something more than rebellion.

He’s unable to speak…
Hudson Ballard, Pier 70’s mechanic, has been fighting his attraction to Teague for years. He has stood by and watched the kid get more and more out of control, but this time is the last. If Teague wants to use sex to escape his problems, Hudson is certainly willing to be the one to show him that he’s good with more than just his hands.

Sometimes words aren’t necessary.
There are fireworks when this out-of-control bad boy agrees to no strings with this tatted up, dominating mechanic.

Can Teague and Hudson keep their emotions from getting involved in their arrangement? Or — thanks to the demons from their pasts — will the darkness steal from them before they have a chance?

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Speechless is the 3rd book in the pier 70 series.  To fully understand all the characters and the background of the stories I recommend reading from the beginning, Reckless. See below for the links to the other two books reviews.

We were introduced to both Teague and Hudson in the first book.  As the series went on the more curious I became of them.  You knew there was something there but neither one wanted to admit or act on it.

Hudson is a big gorgeous man with tattoos that works in the repair shop at the marina.  What intrigued me about him is that he is a mute.  I was curious to see how his story would go.  I absolutely adored Hudson.  He is so sweet and loyal.  You can’t help but fall for him.

Teague is quite the opposite.  He is 10 years younger than Hudson.  He is also hit or miss when it comes to his moods.  He does not do or want a relationship no matter if it’s sexual or other wise.  He kinda comes off as a jerk.  There are things that Teague has had to deal with that made him build these walls and not allow anyone to close.  He is extremely attracted to Hudson. Which only seems to make him more irrate and come off as he can’t stand to be around him.

Hudson has been patient with Teague. Ever since the night on the ship it has gotten harder for him to control the attraction he has towards Teauge.  When Hudson finally has enough, he confronts Teague  which ends with an earth shattering kiss.  This sets off a series of events to come.  When Teague argrees to Hudson’s arrangement, he thinks it’s strictly for sex.  Only Hudson has other ideas: he won’t be just used for sex and left.  He will find away to break Teauges’s walls down.

If you have read my other reviews for Nicole Edwards books then it is no suprise I love her work. I love each book in the Pier 70 series but Speechless has become my favorite of the three.  It is a beautiful love story that has real life issues.  There are some heart wrenching moments that make you feel deeply for both of these men.  Hudson is such a wonderful man; I love how supportive and patient he was with Teauge.  It was surreal to watch as Teauge learns that you can depend on others and that life doesn’t have to be deeply impacted by the past.  You can live for the future.  Speechless does have heavy subjects that are very emotional but there are still many funny moments.

One of the things I love about Nicole Ewards’s series is that we get to keep seeing the previous characters and the ones who will have stories to come.  I can’t wait for book 4.  I am hoping that Roan will finally get his story heard.

10/10 pots of gold

Read my review for Reckless here:  https://rainbowgoldreviews.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/reckless-pier-70-book-1-by-nicole-edwards-lgbt-review/

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Nicole lives in Central Texas with her husband, kids and her two dogs. Although she has been writing since a very young age, she has recently ventured into the full time world of writing and is loving every second of it.

She is the author of the Club Destiny and Alluring Indulgence series and working on more projects at this time.


Author Contacts:

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2 thoughts on “Speechless (Pier 70 Book 3) by Nicole Edwards #LGBT #Review

  1. I’m very curious as to how Hudson muteness is done in this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. However, I see it’s in a series – is it a standalone within the series? Do I need to read the previous ones?


    • It is part of a series that should be read in order to fully understand the characters and the storyline. The entire series is great. My review links for book 1&2 are in the above post if you are interested in the entire series.

      Liked by 1 person

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