Big Guy by Megan Reddaway #2-4-1 Review #LGBT #Romance #Short Story #Novella

Wendy reviews Big Guy by Megan Reddaway. Published February 19, 2016. 54 pages.
I chose this story as one of my 2-4-1 theme books. Completely not knowing anything about the author or the story.
Note: a copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Overweight Truman Rautigan and his mom are about to be made homeless, but she’s a top slimming salesperson who could win her dream house if Truman comes through with some sales of his own. Instead, he’s stashing food in his bottom drawer and indulging in late-night binges.
When his mom sends him to infiltrate a rival weight loss group, he meets the gorgeous Brad, biker, mechanic and successful slimmer. But Brad couldn’t be interested in Truman, could he? What if he knew Truman’s real reason for being there? Truman could lose everything if his shameful secrets are exposed…






I took a couple of steps into the room. Okay, I wasn’t the only male. I spotted two others, sticking close by the sides of their protective females. Then a third—oh, wow. What a hunk. Big, but muscled, with thick dark hair, wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt. Those arms—he could have played for the Packers. What was he doing at Luvaloss? He looked perfect as he was. Somebody’s husband, maybe? I hoped not, though I had no reason to care. I had no chance with a guy like that.
While I was lost in awe at his rippling upper body, a cuddly-looking young woman walked up to me, clapped her hands and exclaimed at the top of her voice, “I’m Sarah. And you must be Melinda’s friend’s gay son!”
Everyone stared. Fine, I thought, go ahead and announce my orientation to the whole room. What next? My weight, then my checking account balance?
The hot guy flashed me an amused smile, like he could see right through me. The idea made me nervous. I was here undercover, after all.
Sarah grabbed my arm, and walked me over to a table where three plus-sized ladies were filling out forms. “This is registration. Cassie will be with you soon.”
I nodded to the ladies, and sat down to tackle the form. Mr. Tr—no, wait. ‘Troy’, I wrote. I always liked that name. And ‘Russell’ instead of Rautigan. Russell was my middle name, so it belonged someplace on the form. It could have been a genuine mistake, that I put it under ‘last name’.
Cassie, the group leader, came over before I was done adding my medical history, and gave us the new member briefing. She was younger than Mom, but equally slim and energetic. I guessed a person had to be, to sell weight loss. Why did Mom think I could do it?
I zoned out while Cassie talked about food groups and vitamins. I’d heard it a million times before. I waited for the part where she would tell us about the meal replacements. Then I’d find out what the damage to my wallet would be, and how big of a storage space I’d need for my monthly cartons.
“Any questions?”
She hadn’t gotten to it yet. I spoke up, figuring I might as well move this along. “How much do the products cost?”
“The Luvaloss microwave meals you see in the stores? They’re around the same price as any other prepared meals, I guess. You can start out on those if you want, but it’s better to cook from scratch. If you’re used to eating nothing but takeouts, you’ll find those meals convenient, but maybe have one day this week when you try cooking a simple dish for dinner, and gradually build that up? You have recipes and meal plan suggestions right there.”
I tried to make sense of what I was hearing. Cooking a simple dish? Did she mean like the chowder—add hot water and stir? I flipped through the book she’d given me. Picture after picture of fruits and vegetables and—OMG—meat. Steaks. Cold cuts. Wings.
“You mean people eat real food here?”



This is a short sweet story about a young man named Truman. He has been under his mother’s influence for so long and is so unhappy that he has been living a lie, lying to everyone, even himself. I really liked this character from the start. He was sweet and respectful, and knew his mind, just wasn’t able to speak it out loud. I started rooting for him right away. I really thought a few times that he would speak his mind, but he took his time working up his nerve. Sometimes we all put off the unpleasant though and I’m sure we’ve all regretted not speaking up about something sooner. What matters is that he did find his voice, but is it in time to save his budding relationship with Brad or soon enough to repair years of damage that he and his mother have inadvertently caused to each other?

Truman’s mother… I didn’t care for her at first. She didn’t listen to Truman at all when he would try to talk. But turns out that she was only trying to do what she thought was best for him and what she thought would help him in the long run. She really does love her son, even if she calls him ‘Big guy’ and it makes him feel ugly. She just shows her love in a very overbearing and intrusive way.

Brad. He was as instantly attracted to Troy (Truman) as Truman was to him. Both these men seem to be a little short on the self-esteem and while they are such sweet men, neither one says what he feels. Brad always seems to be left watching Troy (Truman) walk away and then once he discovers the secret that Truman was keeping he is deeply hurt.

I’m happy to say that they do find the right words to move past the hurt and are able to venture on towards a HFN.
There is no sex, but the romance is off the chart sweet ❤
I will definitely read this author again.




Pot Of Gold 9                                                                        9/10 Pots of Gold compares to 4.5 of 5 stars



MEGAN REDDAWAY has been entertained by fictional characters acting out their stories in her head for as long as she can remember. She began writing them down as soon as she could. Since she grew up, she’s worked as a secretary, driver, waitress, and flower-seller, among other things, but she always has a story bubbling away at the same time.
She’s obsessed with nutrition and has tried every diet she’s ever heard of, with mixed results. Her favorite foods are coconut, cheese, and chocolate, but she’s also blessed with a healthy liking for fruits and vegetables. She lives in England.
For news of Megan’s male/male romance releases and two free stories, visit her website:



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