Jamaican Gangsters & American THUGS by J. S. Lewis #Review #LGBT #Drama

Wendy reviews Jamaican Gangsters & American THUGS by J. S. Lewis. Published December 25, 2015. 494 pages.

Jamaican Gangsters and American Thugs J. S. Lewis coverA very dark and gripping tale of three young men whose lives and destinies have become violently intertwined by the inevitable threads of fate. Jevaughn (Jevaughn Wilson) is the handsome, 22-year-old gay man who dares to fall head over heels for a thug while Dre (Andre Malcolm) is the drop-dead gorgeous thug and nephew of a malevolent, homophobic Jamaican Don, Biggs (William Malcolm) and they both share blood lineage with a very powerful American mafia family.

Biggs found out about his protégé nephew’s sexual escapades and is furious; he condemns his young lover to the whims of death. Jevaughn barely manages to survive and goes into hiding after a brutal gay bashing and upon finding out what his own uncle did, Dre goes after him and everyone involved.

Now, three years later, Biggs only son, Donte (Donte Malcolm) rises to prominence in the Malcolm family and there is one thing he craves more than to conquer the world of business; revenge, against those he deems responsible for his father’s death, his once favorite cousin, Dre and his gay lover, Jevaughn Wilson.

A vicious and bloody conflict ensues. The family crumbles. Death is omnipresent. The quest for revenge has unintended consequences and no one is safe as Donte and Andre Malcolm are locked in a battle of wills.



I have this book as an e-book and I am lucky enough to have a beautifully signed copy to hold in my hands as well. This is the sixth book in the THUG drama series and my journey with it began back in 2014 with book 1. Each of these books should be read in order to get the most from the series.

I’ve watched Jevaughn go from a shy, good, sweet young gay boy who was content to watch his crush out his living room window in the beginning of book one, to the strong somewhat damaged man he is now as he was transitioned step by step, molded through violence and tempered by love. Jevaughn is a very, very dramatic young man, but he keeps the story moving with how deeply he feels things and I love his perspective as events unfold.

I’ve watched Dre lose the arrogance of youth and embrace himself good and bad as the same love and violence forged him into the man he is in book six. Able to lead the family and ready to have a family. Standing up to everyone and everything that gets in his way to do what he thinks he must. The sex scenes are in my opinion more romantic than graphic in this story and that was refreshing. It was a story about love, not a story about sex. Don’t get me wrong, there is sex here, it’s just not the sole focus of the book. This book is filled with drama and suspense. And OMG… I won’t say who, but someone dies and it’s hard and it hurt and I cried! Some very powerful moments.

We also make way in this book for some new players that I’m sure we will be seeing more of in the next book. I have to say that J. S. Lewis steps it up a notch with each book that I read. The angst level is HIGH in this one. I definitely see him as the King of angst and pain!

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J.S. Lewis Bio


Born August 25, 1990, Jamaican Native, International Breakthrough & Best Selling author J. S. Lewis is a passionate writer, humble, down-to-earth dude, people person and book lover who writes sweet; seductive, spicy, drama filled and character driven M/M Romance tales with breathtaking Caribbean flavors and has big dreams of leaving a dominant mark on the growing gay romance Genre.

I live in the sunny Caribbean, on the beautiful island of Jamaica, in Kingston, surrounded by an army of family, friends and supporters who would rip the earth in two to see me achieve my dreams! Literally. It’s called divine blessing, trust me! I am thankful.

I always knew I was a slave to the craft, because I am always a talker, an even better listener and observer but you know what I mean, teachers would say write 50 words and I double that, and when I write, it comes from this magical place in my soul that resonates with whoever reading. I really started writing as a means to free myself in my final year in high school, when I was almost gay bashed. It was a very dark period in my life, horrifying even, and it was this dark time, my love, which eventually led me to be open to my family about my sexuality, and since then, their love and constant guidance, their over the top support and sacrifice has been the very foundation on which I built my dreams.

I will though, admit this shameful truth, that I once gave up on writing, because I knew exactly what I wanted to write (wink) and I knew there was no place in my homophobic country for that kind of writing or reading and no publisher would publish it! And I couldn’t see myself beyond where I was, breaking out of Jamaica and landing a publishing deal in some open-minded first world country, where the gays are free, I just couldn’t see it. Wouldn’t I need to attend college or study for some years overseas too, to get a great degree in English Literature, and then its on to that competitive world of trying to land a Big Publishing deal…? Smuts. My own dreams were shattered by my own lack of faith, financial situation and inadequacy. After high school, like most of my peers, I went to work at 18 years old, in corporate Jamaica (where I felt out of place) with hopes of sending myself back to school, one day, and taking care of mamma and pappa and falling in LOVE with a guy to die for. Ha, dreams.

I talk too much, and this isn’t a BBC World News Interview, so cut a longggg story short, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. I continued writing, for free online and began gathering a band of admirers and little did I know that a self-publishing revolution was dawning. One of my dreams right now is to shake the hands of Jeff Bezos, the founding father of Amazon, because this man is a game-changer, and because of him, I have been able to sell Digital & Paperback books in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, India…. In 13 COUNTRIES (whispers: with just high school education & a Genuine and Loveable Personality 😀 ).

This is Beyond Amazing!


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