No Straight Boys by Cecil Wilde #Review #2-4-1 #LGBT #Romance

Eloreen reviews No Straight Boys by Cecil Wilde. (Published August 11th 2014 by Liquid Silver Books, 35 pages)

Why I read this book: This week is 2-4-1 week which means reading two short books, less than 150 pages and review them both. I liked the cover and the title and it’s very short, at less than 50 pages, so I could read it quickly.

A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Not dating straight boys is a pretty good strategy for long-term relationships if you’re a gay man, but what happens when one particular straight boy turns out to be the man of your dreams?

Cute, funny, and sometimes borderline philosophical, No Straight Boys is about what happens when perfection isn’t what you think it is, and love is best found via late-night text message.


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I didn’t actually read the blub until I was half-way through the story. I do that sometimes, so I went into this story basically blind. It is a cute little story. I don’t know about funny, but I could see borderline philosophical. I enjoyed it even with the little bit of angst it did have between Jace and Ethan since they had one night and we start the story with Jace telling Ethan he can’t do a relationship with him. From there we see why Jace has issues and what Ethan does for his love. Overall, a great little story packed into not a lot of pages. Now, I need to go read more of Cecil’s stories. 🙂

With this, I give No Straight Boys 9 out of 10 pots of gold.



cecilwildeCecil Wilde resides in Australia, accompanied by a cat who takes up most of the bed, a family of possums in the roof space, and more spiders than they’re entirely comfortable with. They write altogether cuter queer romance than their image as a grumpy cynic might suggest.

Find Cecil Wilde online:

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