Balancing Act (Shooting Stars #4) by K.Vale #Review #LGBT

Tanja reviews Balancing Act (Shooting Stars #4) by K.Vale. This book was published by Liquid Silver Publishing on June 27th 2016 and is 119 pages long.

Why I read this book: I´ve read and reviewed all the previous book in this series and when RGR was offered to review this story I jumped at the chance to do it.

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Balancing Act (Shooting Star #4) by K.ValeBlurb

Greg Dwyer and Kyrie Li are living the glorious couple life in New York City. Or are they? When struggling actor Kyrie lands a modeling job, he’s ecstatic to have extra cash to spend on his best-friend-turned-boyfriend.

Of course, Greg is suspicious Anders Berglund, the gorgeous and androgynous Swedish cover model the designers love to pair with Kyrie, is after his man. And maybe Kyrie encourages a growing closeness with the guy?

Greg is probably to blame if Kyrie is drawn to the openly gay and seriously beautiful Andy. With Andy, Kyrie can be himself, as loud and proud as he’s always been. But Greg’s sexuality stays firmly locked in the closest except when he’s with Kyrie’s supportive family or alone with the man he loves.

To make matters worse, Greg’s out-of-touch mom meets with financial ruin and moves in with the couple, forcing him into the closet in his own home.

Can Greg find a way to stand up to Mommy Dearest and win back a love he fought so hard to reach? He discovers the road to pride begins at home and with accepting oneself first. Otherwise, it’s just a dead-end street.

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Balancing Act follows the life of Greg & Kyrie one and a half year later after the third books ends. So if you have not read at least the previous book you should start with that first, before reading this one. That beeing said let´s start with this story.

Greg and Kyrie are still happily together or so it seems. There are clouds rising and intruding in the happy bubble Greg and Kyrie are living in. What happens when two lives, which are opposites, collides? Expectations grows and you just know you want more, if just a little, as you have had until now. Then welcome in the turmoil that has become Greg and Kyries life.

Kyrie is an out and proud man who loves his man dearly but wishes that, just for once, Greg wouldn´t flinch away from Kyrie´s affectionate side when outside of their comfortable home. Greg also loves Kyrie. You can feel and see it, but first of all, he isn´t a person who openly shows feelings and secondly he is still in the closet, kind of. Add to that a new character, a gorgeous man named Anders as well as Greg´s mother and you can watch their happy bubble bursting.

There is a lot of learning going on, on both sides. I liked Anders, his insights and would love to see his story next. Also loved the drama going on with Anders, Kyrie and a mysterious man. Mommy dearest is a bitch, not going to say more. Greg, hmm, I wanted to throttle him, was mad at him but seriously?? he was trying, tiny steps and all that and his jealousy was just fun to watch. I could understand from where he was coming, that it isn´t easy if you still want your mother to be proud and can´t achieve it. Was he behaving like an idiot at times? Absolutely, but that made this book also a wonderful read..wachting as somebody grows into this person he was meant to be. Kyrie is Kyrie. You have to like this guy. What he expects of Greg is also comprehensible for me but sometimes he is just too fast in what he wants for others to follow. I loved that both of them came to their conclusions in their own time…it made the ending more real for me.

I like this authors writing style. She manages to draw me in and keep me interested in the story. I hope this series will have a next book with *cough* Anders as main character  ;). Recommended, if you like stories following two persons after their supposed happy ending and also with character growth in it.


8/10 pots of gold


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