The Vampire and the G.I. by J.P. Bowie #LGBT #Review

Dana reviews The Vampire and the G.I. (The Vampire series Book #2) by J.P. Bowie (Published by Wilde City Press, August 3, 2016, 164 pages) A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. To read my review for The Vampire and the P.I. click here.

UPDATE: This book was re-released by MLR Press on March 24, 2017. The cover and buy links have been updated.

This week is Reviewers Choice. After reviewing book one of this series I was excited to see that we were offered book two for review and chose it for this week.


Blurb: The Middle East War is finally over and veteran, Cole Everett, is trying to build a new life in Los Angeles and reconnect with his cousin, Sean Martin, a private investigator. His hopes stall when he learns that Sean’s mate, Arturo, is a vampire. It might be 2034 and vampires are an accepted part of society, but Cole can’t accept that anyone would willingly mate with the undead. That is, until he meets Arturo and is introduced to the incredibly handsome Rafael Barrantes. Attracted to Rafael, Cole has to rethink everything he thought he knew about vampires. Taking a job as a security guard for a high-tech company, Cole becomes suspicious when all is not what it seems with so-called ‘government contracts. He can’t decide if he should play it safe and call the cops, or take a chance on his newfound vampire friends. Safe and secure, or caution to the wind?

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After I read The Vampire and the P.I. I was craving a story about Rafael, the mysterious vampire that hired Sean as a detective. I got my wish in The Vampire and the G.I. when Sean’s cousin, Cole comes to visit after his time as a soldier is over. Rafael can’t believe that his cousin is in a relationship with a vampire.

In this world vampires exist among the rest of humanity. Their status is is undesirable to say the least. Some of society seems to idolize them but Cole’s negative reaction is more common. Until he meets Rafael when he joins Sean and his lover Arturo at a party. His immediate attraction to the vampire turns into so much more, so quickly. Maybe a little too quickly, but in a paranormal future, who am I to say that it’s impossible?

Though Cole isn’t a P.I. like his cousin, this book does turn into quite a mystery/thriller. Cole takes a job as a security guard at a company that might not be on the level. The goings on might just be related to some vampire council problems and a missing world leader. There was a lot of action and plenty of crooked players that I wanted to see brought down.

I really enjoyed the wold that the author created. I thought the mystery was good, and that Rafael and Cole are a very hot together. It’s not an extremely long novel but I was sucked in immediately and didn’t want to see it end. I hope that there will be more novels in this series but I definitely would read more from this author. The Vampire and the G.I. is the second book but can be read alone. I recommend reading the series for maximum enjoyment.

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

Pot Of Gold 9


J.P. Bowie was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland. He wrote his first (unpublished) novel – a science fiction tale of brawny men and brawnier women that made him a little suspect in the eyes of his family for a while.

Leaving home at age eighteen for the bright lights of London, he found himself in the midst of a “diverse and creative crowd” that eventually led him to the performing arts. For the next twelve years he sang, danced and acted his way around the theatres of London and the provinces, appearing in shows with many famous British singers, actors and comedians.

After immigrating to the US and living for many years in Las Vegas where he worked for that incomparable duo, Siegfried and Roy, J.P. found himself entranced by the fair city of San Diego where he currently lives with his partner, Phil.

J.P. loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at

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