‘Invicta: Retribution’ by Piper Kay #LGBT #NewRelease #Review

Bethany reviews ‘Invicta: Retribution’ by Piper Kay.  Published by Encompass Ink on August 31st, 2016, 177 pgs. 

Why I read this book:  After the ending in book two I NEEDED to start this one right away.

Note: We were provided a copy of this ARC in exchange for a honest review.



Toryn Paine just found the man of his dreams in Mickey Thornton. He’s gentle and sweet, seductive and mysterious. Also just as mentally wrecked as he is. Besides the fact that he wears that body of his like a freaking Baltic God, he’s Toryn’s idea of perfection poured into skin and painted in ink. However just as things start getting good with Mickey, an unwanted blast from the past shows up and everything Toryn has ever wanted seems to be just out of reach.

He goes on the run to Kaiden and Holt’s lakefront cabin in the hopes of once again hiding from the man who nearly ruined him. But what fun is a secluded lake without someone to share it with? And will he ever be able to leave his past behind and start fresh with the most delicious man he’s ever seen?



Check out my review for book one here: Invicta: Salvation & book two here: Invicta: Sanctuary


Well, I did NOT see that coming.

So I have stated this in my review for book 2 that these have to be read in order.  You need to read book 1 in order to understand the dynamic that happens in books 2 & 3.  Book one sets the stage for this series and is critical to understand anything that happens in the following books.  And you can’t just start with this one because I promise you will be lost. So my public service announcement before I go any farther.  READ IN ORDER.

When I finished book 2, Sanctuary, I was scrambling to get my hands on this one.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait because that ending almost killed me.  This one wraps things up for Toryn and Mickey, though I don’t think we have seen the last of them.  At least I hope we haven’t.  I absolutely loved Kade in book 1, he is cocky and full of f*%k off attitude.  How can you not love that, so when I started book 2, Toryn reminded me so much of Kade I knew I would love him as much as I love Kade.

This one was no different, Toryn still gives off that f*%k off attitude, but in this one it is not directed towards Mickey.  No, its directed toward the force that is trying to rip them apart.  Toryn is having NONE of that.  He finally has Mickey and Mickey’s trust, no way is he planning on giving that up without one hell of fight.  And sweet heavens when these two fight, well it is fire, wild and passionate.  But when they fight together, well there is no stopping them, and when you throw in their family, get out of the way.

That is what I love so much about this book: it doesn’t just focus on Mickey and Toryn’s relationship.  We see the relationship of their family, Kade & Holt, along with the guys at Invicta.  This book proves that family isn’t always blood, but the family you choose.  The ones that will go down swinging for you.  The ones you want at your back when you are fighting demons.  The kind that will let you fall, but be there to pick you back up.  The ones that get in your face and call you on your shit.  But the ones that love you unconditionally, the ones that hold you when you cry.  The ones with comforting words and gentle hugs.

When the bad is finally gone, they are there to help you celebrate.  And celebrate they do, and this is where Piper drops that bomb that left me saying “well I did NOT see that coming.”  But oh my goodness it was brilliant and I can’t wait to see where she takes these boys from here.  I need the next one like NOW.

So just like I have with books 1 & 2, I highly recommend this one.  This series has captivated me, grabbed me, shook me, left me reeling, made me laugh & cry.  It is one that I know I will be rereading often.

Pot Of Gold 9half

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Piper Kay is a homegrown country girl straight from the outskirts of Houston, Texas, USA. She is currently employed with Hot Ink Press and Evernight, and only recently became a genre jumper, with her first YA/NA M/M story for Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing. Whether YA, Erotic Romance, Western, or Drama, she always remains solely dedicated to stories in the M/M and gay romance genres. Piper is a #1 International Best Selling author of LGBT Erotica, and an International Bestselling author of LGBT Erotic romance, gay romance, LGBT drama, gay western and LGBT Childrens YA. Piper brings her passion of storytelling straight to the pages, almost always serving it with a super-sized sprinkle of sexy, a slice of sarcasm and a carafe of crazy.

Published works include:

A Perfect Passion(The Passion Series-Book One)
Payce’s Passion (The Passion Series-Book Two)
Invicta Series: Invicta: Salvation Book 1
Invicta Series: Invicta: Sanctuary Book 2
Crave: Hot Ink Teaser Set
Joey’s Choice: Hope & Love Charity Anthology
The Naughty Box 1
The Naughty Box 2
Eight Second Cowboy

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  3. Thank you so much for this. You understood why I did what I did with this series, and I appreciate that so much.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and review. ~hugs~!


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