The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk (That Darn Muse) Volume 2 by Dan Skinner #LGBT #Review #BlogTour #RGRGiveaway

Wendy reviews The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk (That Darn Muse) Volume 2 by Dan Skinner. Published September 8, 2016, 38 pages.

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We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

tdm-vol-ii-coverHe’s a middle-aged, newly single, gay photographer starting life over. Along comes a freshly out nineteen-year-old, irreverent free spirit who wants to be his apprentice. Mismatched by more than a generation, what could possibly go wrong? Everything! And it’s AWESOME!
A “Muse” ing: Most authors struggle with the voices or “muses” in their head when writing. Tuning that voice out becomes a little more challenging when your muse is a real-life nineteen-year-old who inhales espresso and turns out ideas at light speed. Danger Will Robinson!
Daddy and The Rent Boy: In selling something, advertising is half the battle. That can become hazardous when you’re in the company of an irreverent walking billboard.





ReviewI have just this minute finished reading this episode of The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk and while I usually take at least a few hours to gather my thoughts to write a review, I needed to at least write a few down while I was still riding my #MuseNerd high. Seriously, I can’t stop smiling and that was Dan’s intention when he first set out to write these little episodes. He just wanted to make people smile. It made me create a new word today ~ Permasmile, I expect to have permasmile for hours. If you read these stories, I can guarantee that you will feel like a whole new happier person when you are done, and if you don’t then you should just quit because you are only a step away from… well I just wont say.

In this episode “Doc” takes us a little bit deeper into how Dirk thinks and how Dirks family and friends have developed coping mechanisms to survive daily doses of Dirkisms. Once again I feel like I want to be a part of this family, because they are just about the best people and I’m so happy down to the tips of my toes that Dirk has all of them in his life.

I’m also more happy than I can say that Dan “Doc” Skinner has Dirk in his life to give him inspiration and keep him on his toes.The things these two get up to and that they share with us is such a gift.

I am also going to take a moment to comment on the artwork. It’s something else isn’t it? absolutely striking! The artist is amazingly talented and captures the free spirit and energy of the “model” completely. I adore it.

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I’m a single gay man living in the Midwest. I write because I consider myself to be an old-fashioned storyteller. I’ve been a photographer for half my life, specializing in male romance cover art. My dream is to one day live on the beach with my dog and continue to tell tales that inspire and entertain.

Contact Dan on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr NSFW

5 thoughts on “The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk (That Darn Muse) Volume 2 by Dan Skinner #LGBT #Review #BlogTour #RGRGiveaway

  1. Great review, but then, I didn’t expect anything else. I’m looking forward to reading this instalment in the series. Doc and Dirk never fail to put a (perma)smile on my face 🙂


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