Identity Crisis (Serve and Protect #3) by Shelly Connors #LGBT #Review

Tanja reviews Identity Crisis (Serve and Protect Series # 3) by Shelly Connors. This book was published by Publish Green on August 23, 2016 on  and is 152 pages long.

Why I read the book: I was so happy when I was offered the book for review by the author. I read and reviewed the first two books, loved the set of characters and was looking forward to seeing them again.

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Sometimes, you can’t outrun your past.

Twins, Kolby and Kaleb Bailey think they have finally found ease in their new life and the men they love.  They own a highly successful restaurant and have made friends.  Previously plagued with tragedy, the twin’s relationships with Detectives, R.J. Kennedy and Dean Davis, have only become stronger.  That is until Kaleb’s ex, Dominick Futaro, sees him on television attending a hockey game and vows revenge.

Dominick teams up with Kolby’s abusive ex-husband and together they hunt down the twins.

When someone who is all too familiar with the Bailey’s history comes to their restaurant, the twins decide it’s time to run.  Burying the past, may have cost them their future.

The detectives are not willing to give up on their relationships.  Soliciting the help of Here To Serve’s bouncers, they go after their lovers.  Little do R.J. and Dean realize, going after what they care about most, may cost them even more.

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When I got offered the book for review my first reaction was hell yes, they are back and I want to read it. I so fell in love with the characters, how the grew into a family and their lives in the previous books. So in order to keep up with this book you have to read the first two.
This story begins around two months after the last one ends. I knew this would be about the twins Kolby and Kaleb and their past but it was not just that. This book makes the circle full, put all threads together and even had a few more surprises in store I didn´t see coming, e.g. Dominick, Janna…well you have to read for yourself to get my meaning ;).
And like with the first two I easily fell into this story, altough I wish that some parts were a little bit longer. They felt rushed for me, especially since the bad guys really turned the lives of so many people upside down that I wanted to see them go down….slowly.
But the background story of Kaleb was explored a little bit more and he went through a lot of shit. I liked that the focus was also on the aftereffects. How will people react when they hear the whole story, even just snips and pieces?? Do they still stand by your side, how to deal with oneself, when you know people, especially a certain person, might look at you with other eyes??
There even surfaces the past of one of the other characters but I´m not going to spoil it for you. It´s one of the surprise I didn´t see coming. This person had to make a lot of decisions, which could alter the future for a few persons and not necessarily in a good way.
This whole series is about a bunch of people who grew with each book a little bit more together to a big family and how they deal with things thrown into their way. Even the blood families found a place with them. I loved seeing them interact with each other, the growing of the friendships, love lifes and families and I will certainly miss them. There is a lot of humour in the books, sarcasm and easy banter as well as the not so glorious side of life. The writing style of this author is really good and I recommend the whole series.

8.5/10 pots of gold
Pot Of Gold 8half


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