Blackmail Boy by Parker Avrile #LGBT #Review #ShortStory #NewToMeAuthor

Wendy reviews Blackmail Boy by Parker Avrile. Published December 1, 2015, 48 pages.

blackmail-cover-nov30A contemporary male/male rock star romance short story complete in 8,400 words…
Carlin has appeared in the tabloids before– as the boy used by his mother to blackmail a rock star. Now, all grown-up with a brand new name, Carlin is back to pursue his own music career. 

Stoney has been a famous rocker since his mid-teens. He thinks he’s seen it all and done most of it. But Carlin is special. He has that outsider sound Stoney had forgotten. 
The trouble is, the paparazzi follow Stoney around everywhere he goes– and Carlin’s old identity just isn’t that hard to figure out. 
Will Stoney’s attraction to Carlin heal him– or will it destroy him?
A complete cliffhanger-free standalone rock star short story set in the world of The Runaway Model.
***Please note: You can read this story on its own. However, if you were waiting to read the Runaway Model trilogy until it was complete, I have great news. All three novels are here, including Stoney & Carlin’s story, The Runaway Father. If you want to read them all, we suggest you go in this order: The Runaway Model (Book 1), The Runaway Millions (Book 2), Blackmail Boy (Book 2.5), and The Runaway Father (Book 3).
 Why I read this book: Our theme this week is New to me Author and I haven’t read this author before. The holidays are almost here and I know I’m not alone when I say I’m a bit overwhelmed at times. I really just needed to read a short book that ended sweetly. This fit the bill perfectly.
I’m always surprised when an author can get an entire story done in just a few pages and still make it good, but that’s just what Parker Avrile did with this story. Carlin is a young man with a troubled past that continues to follow him wherever he goes. He has a chip on his shoulder though and that comes through right away in the story. I did like his character, but, that chip… it seemed to me he was just kind of wallowing in his bad luck most of the time. Very “Tormented Artist” was the feel I got from him.
Stoney was surprisingly mature and astute for a rock star. I enjoyed his character and wished I could have had a bit more time to get to know him. I liked that he was honest with Carlin and swept him off his feet.
The sex between these two men while frequent, (if the need for new bedrooms is an indicator) was good but not sizzling. IMO.
 I haven’t read the other books in the series, but they are available and I do want to read more from this author. That’s where I’m going to start!
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