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Melissa reviews Devil’s Slave (American Monsters #1) by Lola Hale Expected publication: December 5th 2016 by Carina Press, 188 pages.

devils-slaveI thought I knew what hell was. After years as a cop, I was sure I’d seen the worst humanity had to offer.

I had no f*cking idea.

Now I know I’ve seen hell. Hell is the basement of an industrial warehouse where the rich, bored and psychotic buy their pleasure at the cost of innocent men and women.

I will take these bastards down, but first, I have to let myself be sold…

My life as a sexual slave should destroy me. Maybe I’m made for hell because as much as I want to end Domingo Morgan and his sick empire, I can’t wait for the next moment I feel his hands on my throat.

Every day I spend as his property, I crave him a little bit more.

Lover. Cop. Victim. Damned if I know who I am anymore. My life as Hugh Kincaid, police officer, is over. The only thing that means anything, the only thing that matters now, is that I belong to him.

Lola Hale explores your darkest erotic fantasies in DEVIL’S SLAVE, the first book in her addictive male/male American Monsters trilogy. This book contains explicit content, including dubious consent.

A copy of this book was provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  The blurb, plain and simple, drew me in.  I love a good Slave/dubcon plot.

ReviewHmm, I don’t what it says about me that I liked this book. I have no idea where it’s going (Domingo is a sociopath after all), and Hugh is not a willing slave. It ends on a cliffhanger (but for the moment the crisis has passed) and I am looking forward to reading the next book (whenever it comes out). FYI, the sex is very HOT!  😀

Again, I don’t know how Hugh and Domingo will find a real relationship in this mess; the book ends with “continue Domingo and Hugh’s love story…” Love story? So this is a love story? I guess that is still to be determined.

Lines are definitely being blurred for Hugh; he used to be a cop then a PI, now he is living on his disability pay and being a drunk. He’s searching for his now dead partner’s (his married lover – that’s not clarified at all so I can’t explain their relationship) daughter who Hugh suspects has been kidnapped and sold into sex trafficking.

While the blurb states that Hugh must allow himself to be sold, that’s not at all correct, in any way shape or form. That is totally misleading, and I was disappointed in that I was basically lied to. The story goes nothing like what you might be expecting based on the blurb. The blurb also makes you believe that Hugh is a cop, “After years as a cop;” “Lover. Cop. Victim. Damned if I know who I am anymore. My life as Hugh Kincaid, police officer, is over.” Yeah, he’s not a cop at all, and hasn’t been for years. The blurb, again, led me to believe that Hugh was running an undercover operation as an active Police Officer, allowing himself to be sold as a slave in order for him to take them down and to find his partner’s daughter. Not at all true.

Now, putting all the misleading aside, I truly enjoyed this story. I needed to know how far Domingo would take his punishments of Hugh.  The darkness between Hugh and Dom didn’t go nearly far enough I thought. I was expecting Dom to really torture Hugh, and there were whips and belts and literal fighting, but Dom was kind to Hugh, he didn’t hurt him sexually, he didn’t do any truly physical harm. Dom does have a strangle kink and made Hugh pass out, but Hugh never expressed any true deep down fear. It’s almost as if, if Dom goes too far south into depraved, we as the audience won’t be able to like him and cheer for his…redemption?

Mixed into Hugh being kidnapped into slavery, as well as looking for the daughter, there is the Slave Business secrets to figure out. Dom is a Prince in the Sheol club (slave), and through circumstances he hasn’t been as involved in the scene as he should and therefore his seat as Prince is up for grabs. Hugh learns of those who want Dom’s seat, and it soon becomes clear that they will go to any means to get it, including murder. Hugh saves Dom’s life twice, and when it was all over, and I read the last page, I didn’t understand the murder plot exactly. This culprit wasn’t who I thought it would be, and I didn’t understand who Dom was working with really to ferret them out.

It was confusing, but I think based on the cliffy we are left with, answers will be revealed in the future. At least I hope.

If this wasn’t enough to confuse you, I will say I do recommend this book. It bears repeating: I don’t see yet how Hugh and Dom will find a “love” match in this based on what Dom has allowed to happen to innocent people. Hugh is constantly crying out at Dom that he can’t do this to people (this being murder, kidnapping, enforced slavery, making humans fight to the death, physical assault because they simply can) and his disgust is almost equal to his intrigue and reluctant desire of Dom.

***This book will NOT be for everybody. There is dubious consent, in case I didn’t make that clear.***

Pot Of Gold 9Where to buy: Amazon, B&N, Kobo

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