Year One Collection by T.C. Orton #LGBT #GuestPost #NewRelease #Giveaway

Author T.C. Orton is here with us to discuss his latest release, Year One (Collection) in this Guest Post and is celebrating with an e-book giveaway.


Included with this collection –

Seeing Red: Scorched (Vampire/Dark/Romance)
Omega Moon (Mpreg/Murder-Mystery/Shifter)
Warlock Academy: Tomes 1&2 (Dark/Fantasy)
College Climax: Confidential Edition (Climax Saga Book 1) (Contemporary Romance)
Christmas Climax (Climax Saga Book 2) (Contemporary Romance)

Plus, art/cover designs, an interview with the author, and the plan for 2017.

Everything published by T.C. Orton in 2016. 


Where to buy: 







Warlock ~

“You want in Blaze Coven, don’t you?” Logan asked, a smile running ear-to-ear.

Sebastian hesitantly nodded, his short red hair going frizzy from the steam that filled the shower room. He said he’d do anything to get into the most exclusive coven at Warlock Academy, but Logan didn’t expect him to be so eager.

“Good, then get on your knees,” Logan demanded, unaware of the third party who happened to stumble upon the pair by accident.

William couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, but there was no way he could tear himself off the ajar door as he peered into the shower room. He only wanted to cleanse himself, to wash away the exhausting day and to tend to his sore ribs. This was way too much for his fragile mind to handle, and yet, he was in no rush to turn around and go back to his bedroom.

The frat leader and the upper-class snob? How long has this been going on? William thought.

William watched as Sebastian dropped to his knees, his bones smacking against the tiled floor with a thud as Logan threw his head back and dug his large hands into Sebastian’s hair. Without wasting another second Logan forced his entire shaft down Sebastian’s throat, not giving him a chance to prepare or catch his breath before the meaty object was drilling his mouth.

It wasn’t the first time Sebastian had used his body to get where he wanted to in life, but it was the first time he’d found himself taking the submissive role. Half of his fortune was made up of his abs, biceps and seven-inch shaft. However, he’d sooner have someone think he inherited his family’s money rather than tell them the truth – that he fucked his way up the social ladder.

“Oh!” William gasped, watching Logan roar as his rippling muscles bulged. It was a good job that all the showerheads were raining down hard or the pair would’ve undoubtedly heard William’s startled voice.

The way Logan took charge surprised William, he always assumed that Logan was an animal with the ladies but it never occurred to him that he was one with men too. To see someone like Sebastian, who took pride in his wisdom and social status, being treated like nothing but a hole to fill definitely burned an image into William’s mind that wasn’t going away anytime soon. He was seeing past a façade that most didn’t, but Logan had always known the real Sebastian and that’s why it didn’t come as a shock to him that the upper-class snob was offering his body for a place at the most prestigious coven in the academy.

“Watch the teeth!” Logan exclaimed, yanking Sebastian back who spluttered and gasped. It was the first time he’d received any complaints.

“Sor-sorry Logan,” Sebastian looked up with watering eyes, panting on his knees with his abs twitching and his body glistening from the spitting showerheads.



Seeing Red ~

“I’m not being responsible,” Moss replied. “I mean it, Nick, he’s yours.”

“I understand. Troy, what about you? This affects you the most.”

“I don’t mind,” Troy had a different accent to Nicolai, still British but there was something odd about it. “But what does the little guy want?”

I heard them walk over, their outlines barely visible as the four band members leaned across my body and looked into my eyes.

“Hey, human!” The deep voice – Moss – called out.

“Hello?” Nicolai reached for my face, his touch cold enough to cool my heated cheeks. “He’s not got much time.”

“He-help,” I spat the words using every ounce of strength I had left within me, blood spluttering down my chin and the last gasps of air flowing from my mouth.

“It’s now or never,” Nicolai said as all four of them lifted their wrists to their mouth and the sound of flesh being torn, like someone biting into a large chunk of uncooked meat, rang in my ears.

My eyes forced themselves shut as my body began its descent into oblivion. I listened to the men as they reached out, the leather of their jackets and pants squeaking whilst they positioned themselves around me. Suddenly, I felt warm droplets of blood falling onto my lips and trickling down my throat. It was rich, it was aromatic, it tasted like a sweet red wine you’d have on a balcony in summer. Apples. Honey. Biting into a fresh melon. Each drop fused with the last, their flavors mixing in my mouth. It began to set off a series of jolts from within my chest, as if I was being shocked by a defibrillator.

My body began to spasm, blood and foam leaking from my lips as my eyes widened and I gasped for air. The pain was unbearable, I felt like something had been let loose within my body, electrocuting me, tearing all of my organs apart as it coursed towards my heart and exploded in my chest.

I screamed as tears flooded from my eyes and my back arched leaving my head and feet on the ground but raising my torso, like I was being pulled up by a harness. I scratched at the ground either side of me, trying to claw my way to some sort of understanding but all I found was agony. I felt as if the fire had sparked inside of me; I expected my entire being to be engulfed in an inferno.

“We have no time for this!” I looked up to see Moss standing above my head with a scowl; he raised his hand and glared at me with his red eyes. “Welcome to our world.


College Climax ~

Footsteps echoed in the otherwise silent room, each one causing me to wince and twitch. I loved this. I loved not knowing when it was going to happen. I felt a shiver down my spine as I struggled to look under my body at the muscular jock behind me. I could make out his torso as he took his shirt off, heard the buckle on his belt hit the ground, and felt his breath caress my skin as he leaned into my arch and softly kissed my plump cheeks. I wanted so badly for him to brush that moist, thick tongue over my smooth hole, but he never did. He never did anything that didn’t directly please his cock. He was in this for himself.

I could make out something in his hands. It was far too big to be the sneaky phone he usually set up… this time, he’d brought a high-quality camera to capture our session. That cheeky fucker. Maybe it was time to ask for a raise.

“Look at that ass,” Tyler growled as he aimed his camera at me.

I could see him licking his lips, like he was looking at the most mouth-watering meal he’d ever been presented with. High praise from a man who could buy anyone he wanted.

“Is this good enough?” I asked as my shaft ached from the tension, and I stuck my cheeks further into the air whilst looking back from the pillows. I wanted to make sure he was getting my best angle.

“Don’t talk,” he responded sharply as he placed one hand onto my behind and spread my cheeks further apart to get a better look at my smooth hole.

He loved every second of our arrangement, probably more than I did, although he’d never admit that. I pushed back for him, hoping today would be the day that the silver-spoon jock would fulfill my needs as well as his, and ram that dirty-talking tongue deep into my ass.

He backed away instantly, of course. The world wasn’t kind enough to grant me cash, a good fuck and foreplay. At least he always hit the right spots with that meaty cock of his.

“Stay still you fag.” And so, it began – the name calling, the shaming, the fuck filled with Tyler’s self-loathing and doubts. I found it funny how he spoke down to me for being gay whilst simultaneously pounding my hole. Funny, and hot.

He knelt behind me on the sheets, meaning I pushed myself back onto his shaft and he responded by rubbing it up and down the crack of my cheeks. He was already lubricated; the pre-cum alone would make it easy for him to slide up into my body, but Tyler liked to make sure everything was ready beforehand – he wasn’t the kind of guy that would stop once he’d started.

I heard him spit onto the palm of his hand, proceeding to rub it over my hole with the camera aimed at his actions. He slowly dug two fingers in, something of a routine check-up to make sure I was prepared to take his thick dick. Naturally, I was always prepared.



Hi T.C., welcome and congratulations on the release of this collection…


Hi everyone!

I’m so grateful to be here today. I write a variety of genres, all with gay protagonists. My most popular works are those within my Omega Moon Universe, featuring vampires, werewolves and warlocks.

2016 is undeniably a year of losses, and yet, it is the year in which I have made the most progress in terms of my dreams and aspirations. That is why this collection exists – it is a celebration of my first year as an author, and a love letter to my younger self, who never thought he’d make it this far.

There are two worlds to follow within these pages – The first is a world of the paranormal, of Vampires lurking down London alleyways, of Werewolves forming packs outside a college campus, and of Warlocks attending a magical academy in which they learn to harness their powers. These are the stories where intimacy isn’t the focus. Instead, I push my characters through adventures filled with unique lore and danger. And, if they should happen to fall for someone along the way, so be it.

Each of these paranormal stories, and characters, co-exist within the same universe. The Omega Moon Universe.

The second world you’ll come across is much like our own, where the only magic you’ll see is that of extraordinary stamina in the bedroom. The Climax Saga is a series of short stories revolving around a college escort named Luke, and a British transfer student named William – who goes by Billy. Their tale is an unconventional one.



The author is generously offering an ebook copy of Year One (Collection). Comment on this post for your chance to win. One winner will be randomly chosen.

You need to be 18 years or older to participate. Void where prohibited. Etc.

This giveaway will end on January 8, 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT.


T.C. Orton bio picBorn January 6th 1993, T. C. resides in the United Kingdom, living with his partner Peter Jones and their dog, Drake.

T. C. has had a passion for supernatural stories from a young age, often scribbling down his latest ideas instead of focusing on whatever task was at hand during the long school days. At the age of twelve, he penned his first romance story featuring himself and the boy he had feelings for set in a fantastical land full of werewolves and wizards. Ever since that day, T. C. has made it his mission to entwine his leading gay protagonists with epic paranormal adventures.

9 thoughts on “Year One Collection by T.C. Orton #LGBT #GuestPost #NewRelease #Giveaway

  1. Hi, T.C. Thank you for introducing your books to us. I have not read any of them yet, but they do sound good. The excerpts are great.
    Happy New Year!


  2. I just got finished reading Seeing Red (Scorched) and I really need the next book to come out now! 🙂 I look forward to continuing the series and I look forward to reading all of the other books. Thank you for this post and thank you for the chance. Congratulations on your first year. I hope you have many many more to come.


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