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Wendy reviews Good as Gold A Villainous Love Story by T. J. Land. Self published December 22, 2016, 207 pages.

good-as-gold-high-resolutionBeing the most powerful superhero in the world can get lonely.

Ask the Golden Ranger. He’s still struggling to make friends after landing on Earth two years ago, even now that he’s become a member of the Remarkables. Humans are just so complicated, with their odd aversion to public nudity, their obsession with sex, and their temperamental genitals.

Thank goodness for his villains. Sure, they’re crooks and it’s his job to thwart them, but at least they offer him a chance for social interaction. And they’re all pretty cool, as villains go. Henry X has a gun that can fire anything from exploding bullets to robot bees, and he’s also got these incredible biceps and warm brown eyes – not that the Golden Ranger cares about stuff like that. Light Brigade can create holograms, plus he’s handsome and snarky and covered in tattoos – again, not that the Golden Ranger cares. The Sash can use his clothing as a weapon, which isn’t really fair seeing as how his slinky body would be an effective weapon all by itself. Which isn’t something the Golden Ranger cares about. At all.

It’s possible that the other Remarkables are right when they accuse the Golden Ranger of being a little too intrigued by his rogues gallery. But he thinks they’re just jealous. Even so, when they tell him that Henry X, Light Brigade and the Sash are working for someone who might be a threat to the whole city, the Golden Ranger knows he needs to learn the truth. And what better way to do that than by adopting a civilian disguise and getting to know his villains personally? It’s a brilliant plan. Nothing can go wrong.

We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Why I read this book: I was given an opportunity to review this book by the author, after I had reviewed the first Villainous Love Story book. This week is our Friends/Enemies to Lovers theme and I can’t think of a better book to review for it than Superheroes and Villains who hook up.

You can read my review of the first Villainous Love Story here

This book can be read as a stand alone, but you will get a better understanding of some of the more subtle aspects if you read the Villainous Love Story books as a series.

This book starts out with an alien who has become the Nemesis to three evil villains. This alien, LOVES the earth, LOVES his city, LOVES being one of the Remarkables and LOVES his “Regulars” (what he calls the three villains who are “his” nemesis’). Golden Ranger is such a sweet, caring, strong, naive do-gooder that I just want to give him big hugs and clothes (well, maybe not clothes). This character has such a big heart. He’s a delightful mix of innocence and  brilliance from the advances on his home planet and you never know just how he’s going to react to a situation. He’s steadfast in his feelings for the Sash, Light Brigade and Henry X as well as his desire to help the people of the planet that he now calls home.

The Sash, Light Brigade and Henry X are some of the funnest characters that I’ve ever read. They are charming in their friendship with each other and their relationship with the Golden Ranger, they are argumentative and sarcastic as they commit crimes across the city wielding their fantastical weapons. I love how these “evil villains” never cross certain lines though. There is an agreement very much at play that both the superheroes and the villains respect (mostly). They each have their own set of personal issues to deal with on top of committing crimes and it surprised me at how insightful the author is at addressing certain issues.

The way the relationships develop between these guys was wonderful. It wasn’t rushed, but the attraction was always there and it felt very natural. Even the menage aspect of this story feels natural, none of the development felt forced at all. Plus there’s a FIRST KISS in this book! I am a complete sucker for a good kiss scene and there are several here *happy dancing*.

I really don’t have words for just how much I’ve enjoyed this book. The world that this author has created to house these Superheroes and Villains is fantastic! The story is well written and well thought out. I was impressed that there was a decent mystery for everyone to solve as well as some self discovery. It is just a fun story and I will be anxiously waiting for more of this series.

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t-j-land-bio-picHello, lovely lemon-scented reader folk. I am Land. I write LGBTQA spec fic, and sometimes other things.

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