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Wendy reviews Fifth Valentine’s Day by Casper Graham. Published by JMS Books, LLC, February 11, 2017, 42 pages.

fifth-valentines-day-coverMatthew Singer loves his two boyfriends very much, he truly does. But he’s uncomfortable with all the extravagant gifts he receives on their fifth Valentine’s Day/anniversary together. Nothing he says or does seems to discourage them. The gifts, sweet as they may be, are getting more obnoxious every year. Then he comes up with the sweetest punishment to dole out to his stubborn lovers.

Aiden Eastwood simply wants his boyfriends to feel loved. Since he has the money, he can spoil them both to his heart’s content. Ironically, Edward Langston is an emotionally stunted psychiatrist, so to show his appreciation to his boyfriends, he buys them the most ridiculous gifts that he can think of.

Will Matthew’s punishment discourage his lovers from buying more insane gifts in the future? Or will it backfire on him spectacularly?




Author Casper Graham was here today to talk about himself and his new release Fifth Valentine’s Day. Welcome to Rainbow Gold Reviews and congratulations on your new release! For the readers… this is a fairly new author and I’ve had so much fun following him on his journey. After reading this interview, you will all understand why I’ve forced this poor author to be my forever friend (he thinks I’m joking about this).Interview

RGR: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

  • Yes and no. I love to write, but I’m terrified of exposing my inner thoughts. A sidenote: my mom used to tell me that I talked way too much and that I would only be quiet when I was asleep. Later, she changed her mind because apparently I talked in my sleep. LOL! I guess writing is a natural extension. 😉

RGR: Now, let’s get straight to the point. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

  • Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference, but I have learned to be more sexually explicit. LOL! At the beginning, I was hesitant to use explicit words to describe the male anatomy or the act of sexual intimacy. I even used words like, “hard member” or “copulation.” After editing my first book, the “pervert” in me was totally unleashed. LOL!

RGR: How did you begin your writing journey?

  • I actually googled “How to be a paid porn writer.” I’m serious. LOL! My boyfriend looked at me and said, “You just want to watch people having sex LIVE.” Well, duh! LOL! Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a surefire (pun fully intended) way to break into the porn industry… Well, unless you have a gigantic penis. 😉Anyway, I then became interested in simply writing about sex. That was the beginning of my journey as a (mostly) erotic romance writer. My BF would probably disagree because he claimed that my stories were smuts, pure and simple. I don’t listen to him, so… LOL!

RGR: How about your pseudonym? How did you come up with it?

  • THAT was another strange moment. I was sitting in my bedroom, googling “How to come up with a pseudonym,” while my BF was reading on the bed right next to me. Then, I found this website that had a list of various anagrams for my full, legal names, but I hated them all. I toyed around with the name “Phoenix” for a while, but it didn’t feel right. Eventually, I saw a website for pseudonyms and I clicked on it. I read some of the names out loud and my BF was like, “I love ‘Casper’.” I was like, “Okay, but I need a ‘last name’ to go with it.” Then, right below “Casper…,” I saw the names “…Graham.” Hence, “Casper Graham” was born.

RGR: Do you google yourself?

  • Goodness, where do I begin? LOL! It’s a colossal mistake to google myself. When I first started, I found a different “Casper Graham” on a social media site and it was filled with a ton of porn. LOL! I was initially worried that the readers would be turned off by me because they might have visited the social media accounts of a different “Casper Graham.” Then, I realized, “I essentially write porn for a living. Well, at least part time.” LOL! Anyway, after my first book had been published on December 17th, 2016, I googled myself and read a couple of reviews. Three words: BIGGEST mistake ever! I love and appreciate all the reviews that I have received. I am also friends with a lot of my readers on various social media sites, but some reviews are very hard to swallow – pun fully intended, naturally. LOL!

RGR: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

  • I’m the kind of writer who often includes a part of my personal experiences in my stories. Writing them is not difficult, but the knowledge that other people are/will be reading something so intimate can be terrifying.

RGR: Tell us something weird about yourself in relation to your writing process.

  • LOL! I enjoy writing sex scenes. In fact, I love them. I don’t blush while writing them or even after sending the manuscripts to the publishers, but I am always shy whenever the editors contact me. I think I’m a little embarrassed that the editors now know how perverted my sexual fantasies are. Some of my kinks are probably not that strange, but I can’t get used to the idea that someone else has read and edited them word by word. LOL!

RGR: The Fifth Valentine’s Day was such a fun book to read. Was it as much fun to write?

  • There is a story behind this book actually. The VERY first draft of Fifth Valentine’s Day was an extremely angst-filled, miserable storyline. LOL! I wrote like two, three thousand words of the manuscript before deciding, “Damn it! It’s Valentine’s Day. Depressing stories will be so weird.” Then, I abandoned the original manuscript and started writing ANOTHER story using the same names. I fell in love with the new storyline and I opened up the previous, unfinished manuscript. I copied and pasted the original two, three thousand words into the new storyline, adjusting certain things along the way. Voila! Fifth Valentine’s Day was born. 😊

RGR: Edward, Aiden and Matthew have very different personalities. How do you make three guys that are so different, work together so well?

  • Right from the start, Aiden was the big, teddy bear-ish character while Edward was the emotionally-stunted one. I had some problems defining Matthew’s characteristic and personality at first, but when I finally re-wrote the story with the new storyline, I knew what to do with Matthew. For the readers who have been on this writing journey with me for a while, they will notice (without the shadow of a doubt) that my stories tend to be mainly FLUFFY and PORN-Y. LOL! The difference between this book and my other books is that I actually have the ending in mind for Fifth Valentine’s Day before even typing the first letter of the manuscript.

RGR: This one is a two parter… First: You seem to be writing a lot of stories that have at least a triad like The Fifth Valentine’s Day (btw, that makes me VERY happy!). Is there a reason why you gravitate to writing M/M/M or more? And part two: How on earth are you able to keep all the parts where they are supposed to be during the smexy scenes?

  • I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the triad stories. I enjoy writing unconventional couples because they fascinate me. My own relationship is only between one other man and myself. I’m content with it. However, I have gotten to know some relationships that involve three people or more. I honestly can’t see myself in such a relationship. I find it difficult enough, dealing with only one lover. If I had more than one, I would probably faint from the stress and frustrations. LOL!
  • With regards to part two of the question, well… It’s not easy. LOL! I can’t count the number of times when I have messed up the scenes and ended up re-writing them. LOL! I will usually read the same manuscripts anywhere between eight and fifteen times before even sending them to the publishers. By the time I receive a manuscript for editing, I probably, more or less, have already memorized some parts of it. LOL! It requires patience for sure. 😉

RGR: Now, how can the readers get to know more about you and your future projects?

  • They can always stalk me on my social media accounts or my blog. I’m quite active on almost all of them. My blog is  I’m “alcasgraham” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 😊


We were given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: Our theme this week is reviewers choice, that means we get to choose our story annnnd… it’s Valentine’s week. I actually read this book on Valentine’s Day, because what better day to read this story?

This was just a fun sexy little novella. It was the perfect mix of low angst banter between three men who are very much in love and each trying to out prove that love (both in and out of the bedroom).

I felt like I was able to connect with each of these characters. They all have their own unique personalities but they work together as a unit which isn’t easy to accomplish when writing a triad. While there was some personal issues that each of the characters had to deal with, it didn’t bring the tone of the book down in my opinion. Only adding a bit of depth to the story.

I was serious when I said that they try to out DO each other. These guys have some seriously aggressive bedroom time and a LOT of it! What a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day right?

This book is what it is and that’s sometimes exactly what a person needs to escape to. Just a low angst erotica love story with a HEA.

Pot Of Gold 8halfCompares to 4.25 / 5 stars

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albert-casper-graham-coversI write because it’s a passion. I write because I have stories to share with the world. I write because I need a creative outlet.

Sometimes, my head is filled with so many competing ideas/thoughts all at once that I simply have to put them all into words. I always have my smartphone with me, including shower time, because the muse hits me at unexpected moments and I don’t want to lose the ideas later.

I’m currently dating a wonderfully supportive and loving man, someone who is willing to accept my shortcomings, someone who is willing to tolerate my idiosyncrasies… Four years and counting… The journey has been long and difficult, but we have our good moments. He has a love/hate relationship with the fact that I sometimes include a part of our stories, but I enjoy writing “US” into the stories anyway. =)

I hope that you will all join me in my writing journey and get a glimpse into my life through my stories.

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