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Marc reviews ‘Jack of Thorns’ (Inheritance Book #1) by Amelia Faulkner. This book was release by LoveLight Press on May 9th, 2016 and is 444 pages long. RGR recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for free for a limited time on Amazon!!!

Florist. Psychic. Addict.
Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm, but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill. Sobriety is a pipe dream which his stalker ex-boyfriend is pushing him away from. Luckily, Laurence has powers most can only dream of. If only he could control them.

Aristocrat. Psychic. Survivor.
Quentin d’Arcy is the product of centuries of wealth, privilege, and breeding, and is on the run from all three. A chance encounter with an arresting young florist with a winning smile could make him stop. Laurence is kind, warm, and oddly intriguing but Quentin’s wild telekinesis and his fear of sex make dating a dangerous game.

When opposites attract, they collide.
Desperate to fix his rotting life, Laurence prays for aid and accidentally summons a fertility god who prefers to be called Jack. Jack is willing to help out for a price, and it’s one Laurence just can’t pay: he must keep Jack fed with regular offerings of sex, and the florist has fallen for the one man in San Diego who doesn’t want any.
If they’re to survive Jack’s wrath, Laurence and Quentin must master their blossoming feelings and gifts, but even then the cost of Laurence’s mistake could well overwhelm them both. How exactly are mere mortals supposed to defeat a god?

Jack of Thorns is the first book in the Inheritance series and contains mature themes and events which may be distressing to some readers. It has a low heat rating and an HFN ending.

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I love paranormal and fantasy stories, so this book really called to me. Two MCs with psychic powers, a modern setting. Gods. I was intrigued!

I have to admit, though, that it took me a while to really get into this story. There were so many things I did not quite understand in the beginning and I had to warm up to the main characters, especially Quentin.

Quentin d’Arcy is part of the English Aristocracy, born to money and privilege. It was very easy for me to see that. He seemed extremely arrogant to me and the way he expresses himself felt completely exotic to an extent that I had to adjust to it for quite a while. It helped to know that the author has a lot of personal experience in the field and the way he expresses himself thus seems very authentic, but it was like the language was another form of separation between Quentin and the ‘common folk’. To a certain degree, he is unaware about this. At least it seems that way. However the way he talks and the way he often does not understand common phrases and takes them literally, isolates him with normal people. He seems to only fit in with the rich and powerful, who are quite interested to be in the presence of true English Aristocracy, but he only ever makes a single friend there and seems not very happy or comfortable with his life.

While I couldn’t connect with him at first and did not like him for quite a while, the more I read from his POV, the more intriguing he became. He has a mysterious past, which is also the reason he is not at home but in the new world and he has fascinating and quite destructive powers he is unaware of. His mysterious past made him more interesting and sympathetic to me and he became more relatable when he met Laurence.

Laurence Riley has psychic powers and knows about them, but can’t control them. His story begins the book, but the way his psychic sight works confused me and his own tragic past did not affect me as much as it would have otherwise. He has been suicidal in the past and still fights his addiction. He was much easier to relate to then Quention and at first it was only through him that I was drawn into the story. Especially once I learned more about him and his powers and some of my questions were answered. I loved his mother, but strongly disliked the way she did not seem to expect or hope or demand more from him and did not seem to actively help him. There is a reason for that however and I understand it, even if it hurts my mind to think about it too much. His mother also has psychic powers, though they work differently than Laurence’ powers and she thus can’t really help him to control them.

Laurence has a pagan altar and prays to the old gods, but it seems he never really expected his prayers to be answered. Neither is it answered in the way one would expect. The presence of a god in his life causes a lot of chaos, but to me felt fresh and different.

I have read so many paranormal and fantasy stories, but this one feels quite unique and it surprised me that the story it reminded me most of was ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’, which I watched for the first time recently. While it took me a while to get into this story, there were many interesting twists and turns I did not see coming. The characters felt unique and interesting, had great chemistry and in the end I really cared about them and what happened to them. I can’t wait to continue this story and can only encourage you to give this first book in the Inheritance series a try!

7.5/10 Points of Gold (75% Recommended) – Compares to 3.75/4 Stars

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Amelia Faulkner was born in the rolling green countryside of Oxfordshire, and moved to London once she was mostly grown up. She has a degree in Computer Science, and spent quite a long time working with computers until her childhood love of writing could no longer be ignored.

Since then she has written for corporate clients and personal pleasure, and finally stepped away from office-bound working in 2011 to freelance from home.

Amelia is also a keen photographer and film-goer, and resides in the city (not the City) with her husband. She is notoriously camera-shy.

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