Magnum Opus by Mychael Black #LGBT #Review #Short Stories #Paranormal

Wendy reviews Magnum Opus by Mychal Black. Published by Phaze Books, April 1, 2014, 68 pages.

A Dark Performance:

Spurned by the only person he ever loved, Hunter is the perfect image of a tortured artist. A sorcerer moonlighting as a singer, he uses his magical arts to tantalize the audience during his band’s performances. His preferred method? A sphere that drifts above the crowd, a beacon that calls out for someone–anyone–who will understand him. On one particular night, Hunter finally receives an answer.

Novel Visions:

Jonathon Cayle is a horror novelist visiting New Orleans for a two-week long book signing stint. Unhappy with his life back in Atlanta with his girlfriend, he is grateful to be able to explore his preference for men while he’s out of town. What he finds in New Orleans, however, is the last thing he ever expected.

Visions of the Night:

Three years have passed since horror novelist Jonathon Cayle encountered his vampiric character Kain Hart. Since then, they’ve made a home together in Atlanta, living as any couple would. However, Jonathon’s curiosity about vampires has grown, and he finds himself contemplating the final step: becoming one. The question is: can he get past his fear of venturing into the unknown realm of life after death?


We were given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: This week we are reviewing books that are angsty. Reading the first story of the blurb, I thought this story would fit the bill.

These were three really short stories. The first one, A Dark Performance, started out to have tons of angsty promise, but kind of fell short for me. I wish that the author would have gone into more background about the MC and his antagonist. I wanted to connect with the MC, but there just wasn’t enough to go on. This could easily be a very good full length novel, because like I said at the beginning, it has a lot of promise. But instead, it felt rushed and I was left to guess about too many factors of the story. Also, the angst just kind of stopped. The premise and the world that the author created were great though. I really hope that this story can get the full length novel and fleshing out it deserves.

The next one, Novel Visions, felt less rushed to me. And though it has an element shared with the first story, they are completely different. I was able to connect with this MC and his love interest even though he wasn’t a tortured soul (which was kind of what I was looking for). This world felt less paranormal, but it was paranormal. It was just written in a way that to me felt like the characters took the paranormal as an almost everyday event.

And now the last of the three shorts, Visions of the Night. This was a continuation of the second story and I felt like it flowed to its natural conclusion. Again, no one seemed surprised with the paranormal element and the characters were just accepting of it. This last story was probably my favorite because I had enough background to follow it easily. It also had IMO, the best sex scenes.

All three stories were very erotic and I liked the worlds that the author created. I would love to see all three of these as full length or at least novella’s.


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What do online gaming, Spongebob, cooking, writing, and an unnatural addiction to Mountain Dew all have in common?

Not a damn thing, which is what makes Mychael Black an interesting bird indeed.

Born in north Alabama, Mychael now resides in north Mississippi. Having run the gamut of labels in regard to gender and sexuality, Mychael now shuns society’s views on normality and embraces a poly-everything attitude. Call Mychael her or him—it doesn’t matter. Just keep reading the books.

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