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Wendy reviews Drawn Together by Z.A. Maxfield, narrated by Greg Bodreaux. Audible.com release date November 15, 2016, 8 hours 35 minutes.Originally released in 2009, re-released June 20, 2016, 360 pages.


Re-release of best-selling 2009 novel – What happens when Rory travels halfway across the country to meet the girl of his dreams? Certainly not what he expected.

Rory’s just a simple southern boy from St. Antoine’s Parish, Louisiana, but he knows what he wants – the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane. He’s loved her since junior high school, and now he has the chance to meet her. He chucks everything and travels 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach just so he can tell her. He’s determined that nothing and nobody are going to stand in his way.

Turns out, Ran Yamane isn’t a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. He’s trusted fans in the past and paid the price. So when he meets Rory he is understandably wary, but resigned. He isn’t prepared for his magnetic attraction to the young man, Rory’s apparent willingness to overlook his gender, and the chaos that ensues when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge.

Why I listened to this audiobook: I have been bitten by the audio-bug…I HAVE to carve out a little bit of “me” time every week to listen to an audiobook. As soon as I have the credits to spend, I rush to see what might be next on my list. As soon as I saw the cover for this audiobook, I HAD to have it. I listened to this a couple of weeks ago and thought that this would be the perfect time to write my review for our audiobook week theme.

I try to not be influenced by a cover, I really do, but… this cover just reached right out and grabbed me. More importantly, as I listened to the audiobook, I realized that I couldn’t have imagined the characters any better than what was depicted on the cover. Kudos to the artist because it’s apparent that they really listened to what the characters were supposed to be like. NAILED IT!!!

The characters are well written and easy to connect with. Rory was thoughtful and smart (even if people misjudged just how brilliant he was because of his accent) and is exactly the kind of person that we all want to find as our partner. He was almost loyal to a fault, I wanted to tell him to save himself some heartache more than once but that’s just not how this character is. He sticks it out until the very end and loves with his whole self. He was even perfect in his accepting that he could love a man when he had never even allowed himself to think of the possibility before.

Ran Yamane was my favorite kind of trope… the broken man. He’s reserved and reclusive, yet something about Rory pulls at him and he can’t stop himself from falling for his charm and honest naivety. He was tortured by a psychopath and used by every man that he was ever with, so he’s slow to trust his and Rory’s feelings and that almost costs him his HEA a couple of times in this story.

I loved the suspense as they both were chased by Ran Yamane’s stalker. I was sitting at the edge of my seat more than once. It was a very well written story, the characters have sexual chemistry together like crazy and the narration by Greg Bodreaux was insanely good. He has an incredible way with accents and when he does Rory… *melts*.

I was sorry to have this book end. Thank you Z.A. Maxfield and Greg Bodreaux!

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Z. A. Maxfield started writing in 2007 on a dare from her children and never looked back. Pathologically disorganized, and perennially optimistic, she writes as much as she can, reads as much as she dares, and enjoys her time with family and friends. If anyone asks her how a wife and mother of four manages to find time for a writing career, she’ll answer, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you give up housework.”

Her published books include Crossing Borders, Epic award finalist St. Nacho’s, Drawn Together, Physical Therapy, Blue Fire, Fugitive Color, and Jacob’s Ladder from Loose Id, The Long Way Home, from Aspen Mountain Press, ePistols at Dawn from Samhain Publishing, and Notturno, Stirring Up Trouble, and Vigil from MLR Press. Readers can visit her website at: http://www.zamaxfield.com.


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